VR Forces

VR-Forces from VT-MAK is a powerful and flexible simulation environment for scenario generation. It has all the necessary features for use as a tactical leadership trainer, threat generator, behavior model testbed or Computer Generated Forces (CGF) application.

VR-Forces Computer Generated Forces provides an intuitive GUI that allows you to build scenarios by positioning forces, creating routes and waypoints and assigning tasks or plans with a simple point and click. You can lay down the basic outline on a 2D tactical map, and then switch to the 3D scenario editing mode to accurately position entities within a complex urban envi­ronment.

VR-Forces come with simulation models for a wide variety of battlefield entities and weapon systems. During scenario execution, VR-Forces vehicles and human entities interact with the terrain, follow roads, move in convoys, avoid obstacles, communi­cate over simulated radios, detect and engage enemy forces, and calculate damage.