The Complete Simulation Solution

VR-Forces is MAK’s complete simulation solution – a powerful and flexible Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform to fill your synthetic environments with urban, battlefield, maritime, and airspace activity. Whether you need a threat generator for training and mission rehearsal systems, a synthetic environment for experimentation, or an engine to stimulate C4I systems, VR-Forces is powerful enough to get your job done.


Powerful Simulation Engine

VR-Forces comes with simulation models for hundreds of battlefield units and systems. During scenario execution, VR-Forces vehicles and humans interact with the terrain, follow roads, move in convoys, avoid obstacles, communicate over simulated radios, detect and engage enemy forces, and calculate damage. Whether you’re modeling at the entity or aggregate level, VR-Forces can stimulate your unit’s behavior based on scenario events such as sensor detection, the crossing of tactical phase lines, or areas of interest.


Scenario Editing Made Simple

VR-Forces Computer Generated Forces provides an intuitive GUI that allows you to build scenarios by positioning forces, creating routes and waypoints, and assigning tasks or plans with a simple point and click. You can lay down the basic outline on a 2D tactical map, and then switch to the 3D scenario editing mode to accurately position entities within a complex urban envi­ronment. Turn on XR mode to gain a big picture understanding of your scenario, without losing your 3D perspective. Bring up a 3D inset view for any entity to see the world from its perspective.