Life Sciences

Innovation has always been the lifeblood of the Life Sciences industry, but innovation alone is not enough to improve the lives of the people who are served. Companies must execute flawlessly to master the complex relationships between product innovation, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. In addition, the industry is under increasing pressure to reduce costs so that everyone has access to innovative, yet affordable treatments.

3DEXPERIENCE Life Sciences solutions are about bringing products to life – connecting innovative virtual 3D designs with patients, physicians, and other research, regulatory, and clinical communities. From concept to patient, drug manufacturers create and optimize a formulated product, gain regulatory approvals, and manage the delivery of the medicine to consumers. Similarly, medical device companies can create and manage a design, validate it with regulators, and then provide training and treatments to physicians and patients using a virtual 3D world.


License To Cure For Medical Device

Accelerate the delivery of innovative, safe and fully compliant medical devices

Designed To Cure

Accelerate time to market for novel therapeutics with virtual collaborative design

License For Cure To Bio Pharma

Accelerate therapeutic approval, production

One Lab

Optimize your laboratories and leverage

Made To cure For Medical Device

Manage and improve quality and performance across regulated global operations

Made To Cure For Bio Pharma

Accelerate market launch and optimize capital investment

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Transform the value chain to address future cost, innovation and service challenges with a powerful business platform

Consumers used to the value and immediacy of digital technologies, are no longer satisfied with one-size-fits-all products and services.

Thanks to the Internet, people are more informed than ever before. Some are even managing and tracking their health with devices. They want active participation in their treatments.

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