Do you want to improve visibility, efficiency and performance of your global manufacturing operations?

Now more than ever medical device manufacturers require new business strategies to address global regulatory and quality initiatives while improving performance and reducing costs. While many companies rely on paper-based communication and procedures to operate their global manufacturing operations, business line managers are seeing multiple opportunities for reducing compliance risk and improving operating performance. Made to Cure for Medical Device industry solution experience enables medical device companies to take control of quality manufacturing across their global operations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving operational performance.

A key part of this solution, DELMIA’s Made for Lean Compliance offers paperless manufacturing to accelerate new product introduction and reduce the cost of quality, enable manufacturing execution precision, and deliver material synchronization to reduce inventory.

Key Benefits:

  • Close the loop between master data and the plant floor to analyze non-conformances and deploy process improvements
  • Apply and enforce quality processes with real-time visibility from the plant floor to the executive office
  • Create a global platform to enforce common processes, while adapting to local regulatory requirements
  • Synchronize shop floors to ensure that materials and tools are at the right place and the right time for all orders
  • Manage the inbound supply chain with right-quality inspections
  • Achieve UDI traceability with PI information including suppliers