Electric Vehicle innovators and global OEMs are encountering sophisticated challenges with growing market competition. Adapting new EV concepts, engineering high performance, accelerate innovative vehicles to market, feasibility and improved quality for customer experience are the key goals.

Electric mobility solutions provide the industry capabilities to transform intellectual property with new ideas for EV vehicles, virtually simulate and validate performance, ensure flexible and lean manufacturing in a secure powerful platform.

Global OEMs and industry leaders rely on 3DEXPERIENCE platform to analyze market demand, develop user experience-based innovations with faster and efficient delivery to the market.

Key capabilities and benefits

  • All-in-one collaborative cloud applications and solutions to create, design, simulate and deliver new electric mobility concepts
  • Innovative multi-domain capabilities such as function-based optimization, simulation & validation, electric battery development, additive manufacturing and composites
  • Virtually define, evaluate and improve mobility performance, earlier and throughout development cycle
  • Integrated applications to improve productivity, reduce development costs and deliver value to customers

Focused continuous value delivery: New customer preference and profitable opportunities are defined to prioritize customer experience from concept ideation to market delivery. 3DEXPERIENCE solutions provide functionalities to create customer specific requests while optimizing re-use with a modular portfolio approach.

Design and engineer right the first time: Design and engineer efficiency and accuracy are crucial success factors. Real-time virtual collaboration in an integrated 3D platform can expedite the design, engineering and manufacturing process to ensure right the first time with results. Electro mobility solutions include the features and functionalities for advanced management of complex design and validation from Body in White to system engineering and additive composites.

Improve manufacturing agility and continuity: Industry trends are considered before mass customization for agile and efficient manufacturing. Manufacturing flexibility solutions improve quality, minimize waste, and shorten fabrication and machining processes.

Accelerated mobility creation: To provide customers on their specific requirements, design teams need a secure, dependable and collaborative platform with digital continuity to meet industry trends. Leverage industry-leading CATIA design & engineering applications to unleash creativity, explore options and ensure optimum performance.

Evaluate, validate and simulate earlier: Design and development teams can pursue global collaboration with a unified virtual environment. Simulate and validate concepts for feasibility, business and technical criteria with virtual conceptual architecture mockup. Ensure fulfillment of specifications such as cost, performance and user experience.

Cloud-based innovation platform: Secure responsive cloud solutions provide improved flexibility, fast deployment, maintenance, licensing and upgrades. Total cost of ownership is reduced with lower computer and storage requirements. Cloud solutions can add value to enterprises of all sizes, enable rapid sizing and deployment capabilities.


The electric drive is a much more complex system to design than it might appear to be. To meet design requirements, teams need an environment which will allow them to optimize designs by simultaneously taking into account noise and vibrations, thermal management of the heat dissipated by high rotation speeds and electromagnetics losses, proper lubrication of the integrated gearbox, etc. Read More