Automotive executives need a real-time understanding of the status and evolution of the projects and programs they manage. The challenge is making sense of the information overload from all supporting IT systems, processes and people. The ability to retrieve, link, and display this growing volume of data in a user-friendly manner enables businesses to make on-demand, informed decisions to avoid and solve problems, anticipate demand, exceed customer expectations, and thus stay ahead of the competition.

The Vehicle Program Intelligence 3DEXPERIENCE® solution provides users with quick and efficient access to enterprise-critical data from multiple systems, displaying the resulting detailed, up-to-date and customized dashboards in an optimal format. Thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ PLM Analytics technology for project tracking, quality, change, and issue management, gap to target analysis, capacity reviews, part and assembly comparison, and more, relevant engineering information is revealed, measured and analyzed, resulting in vehicle development and manufacturing process improvement, throughout the global enterprise.

Discover the Values of Vehicle Program Intelligence

  • Visualize contextual, accurate vehicle engineering project information in real time for better decision-making
  • Boost vehicle quality by revealing failure mode and corrective action trends
  • Leverage all project data to accelerate time-to-market
  • Increase collaboration and achieve a single version of truth thanks to a unified view of heterogeneous and legacy systems

Visualize Real-Time Status of Vehicle Projects and Programs

Vehicle Program Intelligence can be adapted and configured to display the key metrics executives need at their fingertips in order to measure progress and make countless assessments every day. Its powerful search engine makes it possible that, in a highly intuitive manner, users gain actionable insight into each stage of the vehicle lifecycle in order to make fact-based program evaluations and decisions aligned with company goals.

Aided by strong semantic capabilities, the solution uses business logic analysis of complex product structures and data models. Heterogeneous structured and unstructured data is automatically analyzed, normalized and categorized into a unified information resource that can be distributed, accessed and displayed with unprecedented speed. And it scales to the increasing information streams from multiple internal and external sources. The result? The ability to answer complex questions that traditional Business Intelligence solutions cannot address, optimizing the product go-to-market.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Leverage all project data to accelerate time-to-market
  • Increase collaboration and achieve a single version of truth thanks to a unified view of heterogeneous and legacy systems
  • Improve project execution by gaining deeper insight into project progress

Track and Follow Process Changes and Issues to Optimize Execution

From the part level (analysis of materials, weights, color, and other characteristics) to the product (configuration, requirements) to engineering processes, project planning and operations, Vehicle Program Intelligence provides visibility into change progress and its impact on downstream processes like manufacturing. Incorporating these best practices into change management operations means more time will be available to dedicate to new programs.

The solution goes beyond the capabilities of Business Intelligence, making it possible to interpret critical PLM data in order to comprehensively monitor, understand and improve vehicle development processes. For example, one can determine which manufacturing processes are most impacted by engineering change orders, requests, and authorizations. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform facilitates 360-degree collaboration between organizations inside and outside the enterprise.

Key Benefits & Capabilities

• Monitor vehicle engineering project change status in real time for better decision-making

• Improve project execution by gaining deeper insight into project progress

• Free up time for innovation through efficient change and issue management

Ensure Manufacturing Operations Are Aligned with Product Specifications and Requirements

Increasing globalization, vehicle complexity, and competition are challenging vehicle program executives and managers to satisfy more and increasingly demanding quality and safety requirements. The faster and more accurately they’re able to pinpoint risks, the better they’re able to comply with these standards. Vehicle Program Intelligence places program information at the fingertips of those who need it, facilitating decision-making and ensuring that more compliant vehicles are on the market.

In addition, vehicle manufacturers need to build reliable reporting systems on top of legacy and new information systems while removing manual processing and the inevitable introduction of errors. With Vehicle Program Intelligence, all users have a unique point of access to PLM data, so the ‘single source of truth’ becomes a reality. Capturing and analyzing any content in PLM or other systems means transparent delivery of only the most reliable KPIs, thereby facilitating the elimination of legacy tools and systems in a controlled and low-risk manner. By connecting and unifying the entire enterprise, you enhance collaboration, optimizing vehicle development processes and the performance of your engineering teams so that they can focus on creating innovative global designs that go beyond your customers’ needs.

Key Benefits & Capabilities

  • Identify issues and risks related to them, task by task, to stay on schedule
  • Reveal situations related to PLM systems that require short-term attention and act to eliminate bottlenecks and anomalies
  • Boost vehicle quality by revealing failure mode and corrective action trends
  • Ensure traceability and reliability of business information by decoupling analytics from IT transformation