Progressively more sophisticated customer and industry demands have pushed vehicle performance and quality expectations ever higher. Simultaneously, advancing global competition requires the optimization of costs, acceleration of cycle time, and successful management of product quality, warranty claims and recall risks.

Global Validation, Proven Performance 3DEXPERIENCE® solutions can enhance quality, save cycle time and reduce development costs by improving both your physical and virtual testing and validation. Reduce warranty claims and recall risks by leveraging holistic, integrated testing and validation capabilities, to ensure that all industry and customer requirements are successfully fulfilled.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Define the Product (Vehicle & System) Performance target and the regulation to be satisfied
  • Provide a Validation platform enabling to Plan, Prepare, Execute, Monitor and Analyze all the Virtual and Real Tests (Project KPI) to be conducted
  • Evaluate and Optimize Vehicle performance (Product KPI) on virtual models and close loop with Real Tests
  • Specify the Virtual & Real prototypes required and Manage their composition and evolution
  • Consolidate Certification file to be submitted to Regulatory Agencies to get System/Vehicle Approval
  • Define in the PLM the validation plan from System to vehicle Synthesis level and estimate the cost of Execution
  • Global Optimization of the validation plan across organizations & across discipline enabling to rationalize the number of prototypes, the number of Tests and choose the nature of Tests (Virtual vs Real) based on subjective criteria
  • Single source of truth: Data & Process Traceability from Requirement to Certification (Requirement, Test, Parameters, V+R Prototype, Task, Resources, Method, …)
  • Centralize in a unique repository Product Performances Attributes target values & their corresponding values estimated with many different Authoring tools
  • Openness (Mesh, KPI, data thanks to « V+R Process » Connectors)
  • Collaborative Validation platform between OEM & Suppliers
  • Integrated & open Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation Platform with Multi-disciplinary Optimization

Define vehicle, system, sub-system performance targets, with competitive positioning

As customer and industry requirements become progressively more sophisticated so too must global teams, and their support systems focused on fulfilling them, be better equipped for the challenge.

Global Validation, Proven Performance (GVPP) 3DEXPERIENCE solutions provide industry-proven capabilities to accurately define vehicle, system, and sub-system performance targets, with strategic competitive positioning and reliable traceability. A centralized ‘single source of truth’ database ensures digital continuity, from product architecture to requirement performance management, and from customer level details to vehicle and systems elements.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Recognize each requirement inside documents and secure its fulfilment.
  • Digital Continuity from Product Architecture to Requirement
  • Performance Management from Customer level to  Vehicle level and System level
  • Management of Local market regulation
  • Benchmark Database against competition
  • Total Cost of Ownership (1 tool instead of 10)
  • Collaborative platform to synchronize Design & Validation teams

Enable necessary and sufficient tests to mitigate recall risks, while reducing costs

Ensuring vehicle quality, reliability and optimal performance requires the agile execution of test strategy, including the necessary and sufficient tests to validate the complete vehicle, critical systems, detailed functions and manufacturing processes.

GVPP applications for Test Strategy Definition enable teams to best rationalize the quantity of tests required, while balancing quality standards and risk for recall, and execution of virtual versus physical testing, to yield optimal results. Cost savings is supported via integrated budget estimation, allocation and monitoring resources.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Single source of truth – digital continuity from requirements to testing and validation
  • Common solution regardless of the nature of tests (Virtual & Real), cost saving and optimization
  • Test strategy optimization with budget estimation and resource anticipation
  • Improve vehicle quality and reliability with necessary and sufficient tests planning (no gaps or redundancy)

Define, build, maintain necessary prototypes for test execution

Another critical success factor is the ability to define, build, and maintain the optimal and necessary prototypes for testing execution.

GVPP applications provide sophisticated tools to manage prototype production and evolution, minimize physical quantity and cost, and assure integration and traceability between multiple systems and synthesis levels. Integrated prototype Bill Of Materials (BOM) management helps ensure optimal product/systems quality, production and service.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Prototype traceability from cradle to grave (as defined, as build, as maintained) enabling evolution management
  • Prototype BOM Management including the compatibility of versioning between the prototype, the ECU and the embedded software
  • Support digital continuity of prototypes and their corresponding tests
  • Select the appropriate prototype to perform tests in full knowledge of facts, by knowing precise composition
  • Improve quality with issue management and corrective actions via engineering change management

Prepare, execute, monitor and analyze testing and validation plans

No testing/validation solution is complete without capabilities to prepare, execute, monitor and analyze all tests planned. Validation of vehicle requirements, from component to synthesis levels, can be completed based upon available global resources.

GVPP applications include real-time task execution status reporting, plus early risk identification and integrated change management, can minimize risks of schedule delays. They also provide ‘lessons learned’ details to support continuous process improvement.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Task execution status immediately updates project status report, providing real-time project KPI
  • Manage issues and risks with associated information and status, in real-time
  • Integrated lessons learned capture capabilities for continuous improvement
  • Earlier risk identification and decision making support
  • Rigorous change management for engineering quality and traceability
  • Enforce standard delivery processes with input, output procedures and review processes

Provides realistic, sophisticated simulation capabilities to optimize vehicle performance

Early virtual simulation in the development process can save the costs, time and resources associated with physical testing on expensive prototypes closer to production.

GVPP applications and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform integrates industry-leading realistic simulation and analysis capabilities, to validate and optimize design exploration, and extensive functionalities to address various CFD, structural workflows, multi-physics and open co-simulations.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Validate and optimize comprehensive product designs
  • Extensive functionalities to address wide range of CFD and structural workflows
  • Design exploration and optimization supporting multi-physics and open co-simulations
  • PLM native integration on an open, flexible enterprise platform

Execute lean construction, certification and approval, enable effective quality management

As industry innovation advances, so do associated global regulations and certification requirements. Critical vehicle compliance details must be carefully managed to minimize risk of fines and penalties.

GVPP applications help you monitor factors such as safety, crashworthiness, environmental sustainability and more. Manufacturers and global suppliers will benefit from an enterprise digital record & certification solution for managing certification processes and ensuring long term data archiving and retrieval for audit purposes.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Provides document creation management traceability, from specification to testing
  • Enables efficient quality process management, with digital signature and checklist of deliverables
  • Supports production of submission procedures for regulatory agencies
  • Includes integrated quality audit process management
  • Enables long-term archiving, for audit or trial requirements