Industry-leading OEMs and suppliers can develop their most innovative new vehicles, but if their designs are not in sync with current customer preferences they will not succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.  My Car Experience 3DEXPERIENCE solutionsprovide industry-leading design capabilities, innovative social media tools, and proven virtual simulation to ensure that your next vehicle innovation fulfills your customers’ current sophisticated requirements.

Diverse social media and the available volume of customer insights can be overwhelming. My Car Experience solutions provide innovative options to collect and analyze pertinent customer perspectives and requirements to align and enhance your vehicle development.  Powerful My Car Experience applications are uniquely capable of gathering, aligning and enriching volumes of data, then delivering critical details in a concise, insightful dashboard for timely analysis.

Dassault Systèmes’ My Car Experience industry solutions improve global collaboration by enabling crowd-sourcing and co-creation, which can accelerate innovative new concepts to productive and profitable reality.  And there’s no need to wait for expensive prototypes to fully review vehicle or component options. Your teams can now explore new designs, at any stage in the process, in an integrated virtual 3D environment.

Discover the Values of the My Car Experience solution:

  • Industry-leading design capabilities optimize results.
  • ‘Social Listening’ resources enable efficient access and analysis of strategic customer insights.
  • Global ‘Social Collaboration’ accelerates innovative concepts to profitable reality.
  • Virtual 3D simulation & analysis saves time, cost, and resources, and ensures the best possible performance.

Compile, Analyze and Share Industry/Customer Trends and Perspectives

Industry leaders continue to struggle to stay in sync with rapidly evolving market trends and customer requirements.  Social Listening solutions enable your teams to compile, analyze and share industry trends and customer perspectives, easily and efficiently.

My Car Experience industry solutions from Dassault Systèmes will help you identify new opportunities and react more effectively to ever-changing consumer preferences.  You can collect timely competitive intelligence, and better understand and anticipate trends and transformations shaping your future.

Key Highlights & Benefits 

  • Control social media sources and analysis
  • Enhance your knowledge network
  • Leverage dashboard for clear view of analyzed results and industry trends
  • Share decisions, results and perspectives within collaborative online environment

Leverage social collaboration solutions to accelerate and optimize innovation.

To develop and optimize new opportunities, industry innovators must leverage both internal and external communities for comprehensive, timely perspectives.  Social Collaboration solutions provide sophisticated online tools to enhance communication and accelerate collaboration.

My Car Experience industry solutions from Dassault Systèmes can ensure digital continuity between innovative ideas and engineering projects.  Innovative social collaborative tools readily enable the implementation of cross-organization and inter-company projects.  Accelerate your development cycle, and ensure better productivity, with Social Collaboration solutions.

Key Highlights & Benefits 

  • Effectively manage your social, collaborative community
  • Discover and share community knowledge and expertise
  • Leverage 3D as your universal language, accelerating collaboration
  • Manage secure access to strategic information

Unified industrial design solution enhances workflow, creativity and optimal results.

Staying ahead of global competition, while fulfilling more sophisticated customer demands, require advanced, accelerated vehicle development capabilities.  Industrial Design solutions empower your global teams with industry-leading capabilities to design and collaborate beyond borders, in a unified, integrated 3D environment.

My Car Experience from Dassault Systèmes provides a complete workflow-optimized solution which can reduce your industrial design process by 30-40%, with a new, unified modeling paradigm.  The majority of industry OEMs and suppliers leverage our CATIA and ICEM Surf solutions to develop world-class vehicle innovation, from concept to production.

Key Highlights & Benefits 

  • Provides unified industrial design workflow solution
  • Streamlines design and engineering collaboration
  • Effectively connects global design network
  • Enables personalization and customization of design

Leverage strategic data / analysis to enhance business results & customer satisfaction.

Transportation innovators are challenged with capturing and interpreting volumes of critical details while developing their most profitable, popular vehicles.  Customer 360° solutions provide strategic access and analysis of diverse, internal corporate data and external social media input to optimize your vehicle development.

My Car Experience industry solutions from Dassault Systèmes enable the best-in-class search, discovery and compilation of strategic vehicle development intelligence.  You may preserve your existing corporate workflow and infrastructure, while improving CRM results with agnostic, non-intrusive applications.  Deliver enhanced program revenues and better client satisfaction with global and high-speed data accessibility.

Key Highlights & Benefits 

  • Provides strategic access and analysis of diverse, internal corporate data and external industry data – social media included.
  • Enables best-in-class intelligence search, and discovery/compilation of required data
  • Preserves existing corporate workflow and infrastructure, enhanced with agnostic, non-intrusive applications.
  • Delivers enhanced program revenues and better client satisfaction