The new ‘glocal’ (global/local) vehicle development paradigm requires industry innovation leaders to multi-task design, engineering, manufacturing and production like never before.  Not only does this require efficient management of multiple global vehicle programs, but effective flexibility to address local customization as well.

Modular Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions provide an integrated, multi-discipline development platform to both accelerate global, modular vehicle programs and respond to strategic regional requirements, enabling your teams to minimize cost, maximize re-use, and simplify/master complexity across programs, teams & locations.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Maximize asset re-use by leveraging a modular architecture for products (engineering, marketing) & processes (manufacturing)
  • Minimize cost of variants by managing configuration and measuring KPIs anytime along the product creation process
  • Reduce time-to-market and error-rates by integrating global teams on a single source of truth with efficient Program Management
  • Capture technical requirements from marketing analysis and Ideation process
  • Develop and manage your BOM-based modular approach, supporting Digital Mock-up review processes, and MBOM for manufacturing assembly processes

Optimize glocal programs for proven performance and exceptional results

Program Planning & Execution capabilities reduce time-to-market and error rates by integrating global teams on a single source of truth with efficient program management.  The versatile 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides an enterprise program management system that helps standardize common business processes via customizable project templates.

Management can then use project gate re-views and online dashboards to get insights on a project’s likelihood for success, and its risks, issues, and requirements.  Leaders can also align project deliverables with global portfolio requirements and ensure that product releases meet market, customer and product launch criteria.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Increase transparency in product development process
  • Improve engineering productivity and reduce cycle time
  • Balance multiple parallel projects efficiently
  • Use project gate reviews and management dashboards to provide insight on a project’s likelihood for success.
  • Support Gate/milestone major deliverable review/validation process
  • Optimize resource staffing plans with real-time utilization reports

Modular architecture accelerates development and simplifies vehicle complexity

Modular Glocal & Secure Architecture & Modularization solutions support the definition of conceptual product architectures to readily explore variable vehicle configurations, and define multiple potential solutions early in the concept phase.

Integrated asset management capabilities provide glocal teams with a central enterprise repository to capitalize existing, successful solutions while promoting re-use of strategic assets.  A flexible, modular architecture supports timely adaptation of global programs for local priorities.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Enables companies to manage the conceptual and commercial aspects of their product development.
  • Supports the definition of conceptual product architectures for highly variable configurations.
  • Define/explore iterative solutions earlier in the concept phase of development

Simplify global/local configuration management, ensure promises are kept

Industry innovators are challenged with optimizing their glocal options, to improve the number and diversity of products for local markets, yet control the complexity and cost of the total amount of global variants and combinations.

Modular, Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions not only support sophisticated evolution and option configuration management, but can also minimize cost of variants via assessment of configuration and KPIs, anytime during the product creation process.  This solution also readily supports modular architecture management thanks to advanced master composition capabilities.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Provide multi-site collaboration capabilities allowing dispersed design teams to productively collaborate on the same designs
  • Manage CATIA V5 Data Lifecycle in ENOVIA V6 through an integrated and immersive interface
  • Grant access to design data information for non-CAD enterprise stakeholders in real time throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Leverage productive, multi-version CATIA capabilities, with multiple approaches, without disruption to current developments.

Master 3D integrated, work-in-progress management

Modular, Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions establish a foundation for capturing “what” and “how” your products deliver value to your customers.  Capture knowledge and critically evaluate product design and capability prior to geometry creation , then re-use knowledge beyond requirements and geometry to speed time to market and improve systems robustness.

Your teams will benefit from an advanced systems engineering solution to support complex product design.  They can capture requirements, define and validate systems architecture, then simulate and virtually validate systems performance, all within one, unified platform.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Design in the Context of Various Global Market Needs
  • Leverage Configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to Review Design
  • On-Line Collaborative Environment for all Functions
  • Single Change Process that Supports Product Planning, Engineering, Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

Leverage, re-use diversified enterprise digital assets

Modular, Glocal & Secure 3DEXPERIENCE solutions will enable your global collaborators to connect online to one single source of the truth.  This integrated, open development platform will support real-time concurrent design/engineering, and provide immediate 3D insight for all across the enterprise.

Industry proven solutions optimize 3D design for product variants, and enhance multi-disciplinary collaboration on sophisticated products & systems.  Your global, multi-site teams will be enabled to design/engineer easily and productively within the context of large, complex products.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Decreased time from design release to manufacturing readiness
  • Eliminate manual re-structuring of the BOM
  • Reduced manufacturing costs by identifying and resolving manufacturability issues early in the development process
  • Reduced errors and decreased time associated with the engineering change implementation across several manufacturing locations
  • Improved reliability due to faster response to service issues