Netlink’s Value Sourcing Solution is geared towards delivering powerful business results. Netlink offers complete IT outsourcing solutions on cloud platforms for its clients. The solution is especially focused on developing strategic interdependent relationships that allow corporations who have been frustrated by high cost, inflexibility and incomplete solutions portfolios from IT vendors for IT outsourcing.

Netlink fulfills the need for businesses that are looking for a compelling alternative. Our ITVS not only delivers a complete cost effective IT solution by leveraging Netlink’s IT experience, scalability and infrastructure to achieve growth and business results but also has achieved significant success and transferred tremendous value to customers in the last 10 years by value sourcing its IT solutions. The key differentiator for success is Netlink’s outsourcing platform which utilizes technology, people, domain knowledge, systems and framework that come together to deliver outstanding value that is guaranteed upfront and measured in real-time.
Mid-market IT needs are expanding faster than the entire IT market, and spending in this mid-market area will grow at a rate of 36% faster per year than the spending at large companies leading to midmarket’s spending power growing more than any other segment.
Our Mid-Market ITO provides an integrated delivery of Infrastructure Services, Application Services, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services and Research & Development. We provide the maximum value and deep domain knowledge through our industry specific ITO offerings.

Immediate Business Results

  • 20% savings guarantee
  • 20% SLA improvement
  • Plug and play
  • No CapEx – Only marginal costs by leveraging Netlink investments in a scalable IT Infrastructure

Key Features of Netlink ITO:

  • Driven by our proprietary Delta Platform
  • Creates significant efficiencies as compared to traditional delivery models, including offshore centric models
  • SLA Driven, SLA Penalties, Complete Transparency
  • High Touch Customer Care
  • Fast-to-Market Delivery
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Follow-the-Client Process Alignment
  • Global Team Synergies
  • Extensive Experience with customers, IT departments and processes
  • Extensive skill sets that allow you to reach SMEs and IT strategists without additional investments
  • No Capital Expense / Asset Transfer – Netlink Extensibility Option
  • Innovative and State of the Art Solutions: Voice over IP, Network Monitoring, Blended Offshore, etc.
Netlink is one of the few companies that offer a fixed bid and 20% of IT savings up front. We ensure that you get immediate payback and long term efficiencies for using our services.


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