RAMSIS is the world leading CAD tool for ergonomics design and analysis of vehicle interiors and working places and is already used by 70% of automobile manufacturers. Ergonomics is increasingly seen as a quality factor by the customer and it is becoming a significant differentiation criteria. With RAMSIS, package and design studies can be extensively dealt with throughout the construction phase of the vehicle.

RAMSIS Automotive: RAMSIS Automotive is a CAD mannequin especially developed for the ergonomic analysis of cars. Applications range from the ergonomic design of driver and passenger areas to an entire design for efficient preventative and corrective maintenance work.

RAMSIS Aircraft: RAMSIS Aircraft is a CAD mannequin, which has been specially developed for ergonomic analysis of aircraft. Applications range from the ergonomic design of cockpits and aircraft passenger cabins to the simulation of preventive and corrective maintenance in a virtual reality environment.

RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles: RAMSIS Industrial Vehicles is a CAD mannequin, especially developed for the ergonomic design of drivers’ workplaces during the construction phase of so-called commercial vehicles, like heavy machinery, construction machinery, excavators, wheel loaders, etc.

Electronic Belt Test Device: The device enables the belt run of safety belts in vehicles to be analysed and evaluated for the addressing of safety issues. In future, positive tests conducted by means of this device will form an integral part of vehicle registration requirements. The result can be subsequently compared to a series of fit criteria, which have been previously defined, to minimize the risk of serious belt injuries in case of a collision.



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