Q-Checker is the world leading system for quality assurance in virtual development.

Q-Checker, when operated from the early beginning in the design phase, will support cross engineering as well as model reuse in new projects and downstream. Key to a successful implementation is the integration and adaptation to companies’ PLM processes. Q-Monitor allows statistical assessments to establish a continuous improvement process for PDQ. In CATIA V5, methodology checks cover a new important area of model integrity beside geometry and standard criteria.

Q-Checker, Q-PLM and Q-Monitor have been designed to enhance this process so that all backbone systems, either a PDM system or a data exchange server, can enhance its level of quality amongst all data that is being transferred and prevent any errors from occurring when it matters.

Q-Checker Benefits

Save Time Spent On Fixing Models

Fixing geometry problems constitutes a significant design cost, not only in terms of time and quality, but also in wasted human and material resources. The repairs that are not made at the outset are often compounded when users of different downstream applications use different methods to “fix” the original model. With Q-Checker, critical defects can be identified and repaired before faulty features lead to additional geometric problems.

Promotes Design Reuse

Because defects have traditionally been so common in models, most users prefer to rebuild their own, instead of reusing existing ones. This is another costly part of designing that Q-Checker can help to eliminate.

Ensure Corporate Design Standards

Q-Checker helps to ensure that corporate design standards and specifications for using CATIA are adhered to, allowing the design and production teams to become more productive, efficient, thereby supporting higher product quality.

Check Files Transferred from other CAD Software

CATIA users frequently need to use multiple CAD systems and data, a practice that can lead to problems with data translation. This usually calls for significant reworking and redesigning. Q-Checker helps to catch errors and adjust standards quickly and effectively, allowing for speedy recovery.



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“Will be updated soon”