CATIA – Automotive Extensions Vehicle Architecture (CAVA) is a feature-based validation tool that verifies a vehicle’s design and architectural compliance with international standards throughout the design stage.

TECHNICA and various German Car Manufacturers have collaborated to create a set of international standards for the design process from concept to the final product. This is a feature-based validation integration tool for CATIA V5 and V6.

To release an automotive vehicle, manufacturers are required to fulfill the preset norms, standards and rules that may vary from country to country. CAVA validates these standards within CATIA and ensures that the vehicle’s geometry complies with the legal standards.


CAVA Products

  • CAVA OVA: CAVA Overall Vehicle Architectureverifies vehicle parameters such as seat positions and dimensions. It also checks the vehicle component placement with geometric fields.
  • CAVA Vision: CAVA Vision checks the direct and indirect vision of the driver.
  • CAVA Safety: CAVA Safety verifies the minimum radius requirements and calculates the impact zones for the direct safety of the passengers and pedestrians.
  • CAVA Manikin: CAVA Manikin is a 2D test dummy for establishing the passenger positions.
  • CAVA Wiper: CAVA Wiper checks for the geometry of the wipers by simulation and determines the area covered on the windscreen.
  • CAVA Tools: CAVA Tools is a collection of functions that is available in the CAVA All bundle only.


CAVA Benefits

  • Legal Compliance: Car designs are required to comply with the legal guidelines and legislation of the country where they hold the license. As a joint venture, TECHNIA with German car manufacturers has developed this solution to validate the legal compliance of vehicle design.
  • Design Integration: CAVA provides the validation tools to check the legal guidelines and standards for vehicle design as features within the CAD system such as CATIA. CAVA checks the established standards by creating geometric representations of the design space, clearance area and the fields of vision. Changes in the design geometry are also verified against the legal standards.
  • Supply Chain Integration: CAVA features and architecture supports the entire process including the modification and reuse of CAVA data generated by the supply chain.
  • Standardization: This standard application has been developed with the CAVA community which makes it very useful to OEMs and their suppliers.


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