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HLA and DIS Data Collection and Playback System

The MAK Data Logger is an easy-to-use system for capturing and replaying simulation data. Using the intuitive GUI, you can record High Level Architecture (HLA) or Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) messages to a file and replay them for easy analysis and After-Action Review. The MÄK Data Logger provides standard DVR-like features including pause, fast forward, and slow motion (both forward and reverse), to create more effective demonstrations and analysis.

  • Supports Record and replay of various versions of DIS and HLA like
      • HLA 1.3.
      • HLA IEEE 1516 SISO DLC API
      • HLA Evolved.
      • DIS 4, 5, 6, and 7.
    • RPR-FOM 1.0 and a subset of 2.0 (draft 6, 14, and 17).