Vortex is the world’s leading real-time vehicle simulation solution, putting engineering-level motion and behaviour into virtual wheeled and tracked vehicles and synthetic environments for hundreds of commercial, military, training and research applications. Vortex Dynamics is a complete virtual test bed for mechanical motion and contact dynamics simulation of mobile robotics applications.

Vortex helps offshore energy industry leaders engineer, test, plan, and train for operations with interactive, real-time simulations and visualizations. The real-time precision of Vortex Dynamics allows you to accurately link your simulated robotics to real world systems. That means you’re getting the right results at the right time. Vortex is a modular platform that allows for the creation of specific solutions for training, visualization, planning, live-visualization, and prototyping.

From shore to seabed, Vortex has been used to simulate the dynamics of virtual cranes, equipment, ROVs, AUVs, vessels, robotics, cable systems, tethers, and sonar. High-fidelity Vortex simulations have revolutionized the heavy-equipment training world, putting ultra-realistic motion and equipment behaviour into the hands of operators and OEMs to improve skills, safety, and operator efficiency, while lowering equipment maintenance costs.



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