User Application Accelerator

Cockpit display developers are under pressure to deliver ARINC 661 user interfaces on increasingly short timetables. The User Application Accelerator (UA2) enables system and software engineers to reduce the development time and costs usually associated with safety-critical displays.

UA2 enforces a neat and logical split between system components and the User Interface, enabling User Application HMI interactions to be developed quickly, and with consistency and accuracy, without requiring extensive knowledge of the ARINC 661 protocols.

From concept development, to prototyping, to deployment, UA2 supports the entire lifecycle of ARINC 661 display development and maintenance. Its plugin architecture works with Presagis VAPS XT 661 for HMI layout and CDS definition to speed up the process of developing safety critical User Interfaces and interaction logic – without compromising usability or maintainability.

  • Maximize the value of your existing design and code
  • Use your existing in-house modeling expertise
  • Integrates easily with existing processes – low adoption impact
  • Rapid design-based prototyping
  • Generate deployable, certified code from your design
  • Share and collaborate across the supply chain

Key Features

Features for Software Developers

  • Import and synchronize CDS Layer and Widget designs – tie system code to widget representations, removing the need to maintain knowledge of widget identifiers
  • Build re-usable components for display control, without writing any code
  • Use widget behaviour definitions to quickly control interaction with an ARINC 661 display
  • Integrate UA2 into your preferred software development tool to accelerating development time
  • Code Generation – fewer errors, reduced certification time

Features for Human Factors Experts

  • Provides reusable format conversion and widget behaviour specifications – helps to enforce user interface consistency, simplifies the development of a “Style-Guide”
  • Features for Simulation / Research and Development Teams
  • Rapid prototyping is possible with minimal ARINC 661 expertise
  • Make and see impact of design changes quickly, without editing code
  • Drive the CDS with test harness and real-world system data, show dynamic behaviour without reliance on the real equipment

Features for Program Management

  • Accelerate the development of User Applications
  • Simplify supporting multiple display targets with a common core-system
  • Reduce reliance on ARINC 661 expertise
  • De-risk user interfaces quickly, simplify the sharing of ideas and process across teams
  • Simplify system integration activities, especially for projects with distributed development teams
  • Integrate UA2 into existing core-system development tools and process

Comprehensive Toolset

Designed to work with VAPS XT 661

Link to your existing tools for coding, UML, and simulation modeling.

Enables flexible, behavior-led design

Simplify the ARINC 661 learning curve and maximize your current software investments.

Spot issues and improve usability in the design phase

Helps large teams improve UI usability and consistency, as well as identify bandwidth issues in the design phase long before final testing.

Reuse your code and save time

Modeled designs from the prototype phase can feed into the certified production phase, minimizing waste and shortening development times.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve complex widget behavior with minimal knowledge of ARINC 661
  • Focus engineers on system requirements and behavior, instead of protocol and coding concerns
  • Facilitate Traceability and Documentation between the User Interface and system components
  • Support Rapid Prototyping and Production Code Enable early problem detection, with the dynamic auto-run test environment
  • Share designs across supply chain in an open format
  • Coordinate style-guide UI interaction rules across a supply chain