If time-to-market is a measure of success, how do you improve the odds?

Changes in consumer habits are causing an upheaval in the fashion industry and brands and retailers must adapt if they want to survive. Social media provides new means to capture the voice of the customer and refine product offerings. Brands compete globally as well as locally and across multiple channels. But these new revenue streams also increase the demand for diversification, which means companies need flexibility to develop, cost and manage product variations. Without global visibility across seasons, categories, products and variations companies waste precious time tracking down information and being reactive instead of proactive. They also miss opportunities to leverage shared materials, optimize product placements decisions based on vendor capacity and manage quality checkpoints, all with negative impact to the bottom line – and to consumer satisfaction.

In the journey from concept to consumer, companies need the means to incorporate the voice of the customer, global collaboration and supply chain visibility into the design and development cycle. Dassault Systèmes’ My Collection powered by the3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides brands and retailers with a new approach to collaborative innovation and helps them develop the products consumers love while improving global efficiencies and speed to market by up to 50%.

Take advantage of advanced design functionality and powerful social applications that capture the voice of the consumer at the earliest stages of the design process. Align product development, consumer demand and company strategy for bigger profits and a more robust and sustainable business.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Facilitate collaboration of global teams 24×7: eliminate up to 75% of non-value-added time.
  • Improve efficiencies and speed to market by 15% to 50%.
  • Protect the brand promise through a single version of the truth for all stakeholders.
  • 360° visibility to understand consumer demand and response.
  • Streamline complex supply chains and generate direct product cost savings of 5-7%.
  • Improve visibility, flexibility and decision support at all levels of the company.

Deliver an environment that inspires creativity and promotes collaboration

My Collection provides designers with an intuitive and flexible interface characterized by simple navigation and a clean look and feel.

My Design gives creative design and technical design teams the freedom to work with the design tools with which they are most familiar, increasing productivity. Powerful and seamless integration with Adobe Illustrator® enables them to leverage the power of centralized libraries from My Unified Development and Sourcing (PLM) while working directly within Adobe®. At any stage of design, they can benefit from their extensive libraries of materials, colors, trims and washes to sketch an item, color it, drag and drop materials and trims and even begin the BOM-creation process all within their familiar design environment – while taking full advantage of PLM’s version control and collaborative capabilities. With My Design, your designers’ creative process is supported and enhanced while enabling better early visibility and collaboration with extended teams in product development and sourcing.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • All versions of the design are saved creating a clear history.
  • Earlier versions can be re-activated, avoiding re-dos and wasted time.Workflow milestones can trigger change alerts on design updates, to keep all teams updated.
  • Materials, colors, trims, washes and more from ENOVIA libraries can be used directly within the Adobe environment.
  • Reduce by 40-75% the time spent on searching for information and duplicating data entry.
  • Use that valuable time to design better products, develop the line and collaborate with sourcing and suppliers to improve cost and delivery.

Protect the brand promise through a single version of the truth

My Collection enhances collaboration, speed and agility, and mitigates the risk of incorrect samples, bill of material errors, and late or failed product launches. With this industry solution experience, brands efficiently manage their supply chains with fashion PLM technology that improves their visibility, flexibility and time to market.

The retail ‘speed to market’ cycle continues to shrink every year increasing the pressure on supply chains to be as responsive as they are cost-sensitive. Yet, with creative design,  product development and sourcing teams often scattered across multiple sites, countries and time zones, lack of centralized information and workflow inhibits collaboration.

My Unified Development and Sourcing offers a single, unified environment to manage a fashion brand or retailer’s product development, sourcing, costing and pre-production processes. It connects internal and external stakeholders across all categories to a ‘single version of the truth’ from design to delivery thereby enhancing collaboration, speed and agility, and mitigating the risk of incorrect samples, additional costs and production errors or delays.

As businesses strengthen their brand footprint with new category launches, My Unified Development and Sourcing enables multi-category collection management in a single environment. With teams collaborating on a single platform, they spend less time chasing and re-entering disparate data and have more time to focus on developing and sourcing items to delight their consumers. Flexible line planning and placeholders create structure for designers when organizing product families.

Through close monitoring, fashion brands and retailers can see how well vendors meet expectations and reduce the risk of unplanned subcontracting to second-tier manufacturers that do not meet brand standards for product quality, or safety.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Save time and reduce costs.
  • Spend up to 75% less time searching for information, re-keying data, copying and printing.
  • Reduce sample costs by to 30%.
  • Slash product launch costs by up to 40%.
  • Reduce bill of materials errors by up to 75%.
  • Minimize risks and manage complex products and variations through a streamlined bill of materials.
  • Crisp and clean navigation and look and feel.
  • More time to design products, develop the line and collaborate with suppliers.
  • Companies can focus on consumer experiences, supply chain agility and managing risks.

Use virtual prototypes to make edit decisions earlier in the process based on 3D models. Reduce cycle time and cut sample costs by focusing on the winners.

Capture and simulate the realistic 3D representation of product and performance.

Making samples is time-consuming and expensive, especially for products that involve tooling and molds (footwear, handbags, and accessories). And a slow sampling process can drag down speed to market by slowing design decisions and response time.   Leading fashion companies are investigating and adopting 3D virtual modeling and product visualization as a way to accelerate seasonal deliveries and improve customer interaction.  Using 3D virtual prototypes, companies can evaluate more design options, more quickly, and refine their assortments based on style, shape, material and performance. They can also share these 3D Models with suppliers and potential consumers, for advance feedback before committing to production.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Give designers the freedom to experiment, iterate and communicate quickly and clearly.
  • Review and refine assortments virtually with 3D prototypes.
  • Accelerated time-to-market by reducing physical samples.

Visualize, validate, and deploy optimum assortments based on 3D rather than flat 2D images or text.

Use 3D to visualize the optimal line assortment to maximize appeal and profit.

How will my product assortment look when it comes together?  Do I have the right mix of styles, colors, proportions, choices?  My Visual Assortment Planning enables you to optimize the product mix without the need to wait for physical samples.  Visualize collections, capsules, outfits through the eyes of your buyers and consumers, and make better assortment decisions before committing the line.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Visualize and validate proven winners combined with new style ideas and line extensions
  • Review the assortment earlier while changes are easier to make
  • Create the collection that will sell.

360° visibility to understand consumer demand and response

Do your products sell as well as you would like? What do consumers say about your products? Your new collection? Or your new marketing campaign? What is the status of in-transit or in-work products and what are your response options?
My Analytics helps extract more value from your existing information across multiple systems- including the web – and gives you real-time and in-context results in the form of queries, dashboards and alerts. Based on in-depth fashion analytics, this solution provides you with the information intelligence you need to make your organization more agile and dynamic. Its ground-breaking analytical tools enable fashion brands and retailers to combine internal and external sources of customer demand and response for better business decisions on collection definition and inventory placement. Be better informed, to make better decisions.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Improved visibility and analysis across internal and partner information as well as public data for faster decision-making.
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources in mash-ups and personalized dashboards.
  • Set triggers and alerts on key metrics.
  • Provide 360°, real-time views of customers, products and sales across all channels.
  • Unlock data without costly data marts by indexing existing sources.
  • Simplify training with an intuitive web-based interface.