Engage consumers in the ultimate omni-channel personalized product and purchase experience.

In the fast-moving world of fashion styles come and go at lightning speed, and brands and retailers need to capture the consumer’s imagination to win their loyalty and business. Resolutely omni-channel, the fashion consumer is changing the rules of the game, demanding shopping experiences tailored to new media and new levels of personalization. Whether in a bricks and mortar store, where physical contact with the product and assistance from store personnel have their own special appeal, or on the web, open 24/7 and available from anywhere thanks to mobile technology, today’s consumer expects choice.

Choice, however, also extends to choosing the way the product will look, opening up new shopping perspectives for consumers. Just as brands and retailers need new ways to engage with their consumers to learn more about their preferences and desires, consumers, too, want to engage directly with brands to express their unique tastes and identity. By offering an extended assortment and allowing consumers to personalize their products, retailers and brands can get the insights they seek, while consumers get to buy the product they really want. Imagine configuring your dream product – its color, fabric, trims and accessories – online or in a store’s immersive showroom or on its touchscreen-based system and displaying its cost and availability in real time.

With My Retail Theatre consumers have the power of choice. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this industry solution experience allows consumers to configure their personalized products on multiple touch points. Using just about any type of virtual display device, shopping becomes a personalized experience using interactive visual elements with photo-realistic quality. With its dynamic web and in-store configurators, My Retail Theatre enables consumers to visually interact with products to create their own unique variations. With powerful rendering technology consumers can virtually see their products come to life with the touch of a finger, selecting materials, rotating the object to see it from all sides, and choosing backgrounds for a more realistic view. Once fully configured, consumers can proceed to check out, share their future product on social media to get friends’ opinions or save it for a later date.

My Retail Theatre has a fully-configurable rules engine that enables brands to define the various accessories, fabrics and available colors and the possible combinations providing them with full control of their brand image. My Retail Theatre can also function independently of a CAD system, opening up new prospects for companies that are not equipped with this type of software. They can generate a database of 3D images through reverse engineering, scanning their physical products and using My Retail Theatre’s rendering features to tweak the results.

By transforming engineering data into stunning visual experiences, My Retail Theatre delivers high-end emotion-packed 3D assets that enhance the marketing and shopping experience across all media channels. From digital sales books and catalogues, to ecommerce shops or interactive retail concepts, using 3D design data accelerates the sales pipeline and enables efficient multi-channel use of these assets across the organization. My Retail Theatre is the fashion industry’s only end-to-end solution that automatically links product development and retail processes, opening up a whole new perspective in brand-consumer bonding.

Discover the values of My Retail Theatre:

  • Transform points-of-sale into spheres for unique consumer experiences
  • 3D-enabled mobile/tablet experience that allows users to customize their product
  • Enables merchandising executives to virtually enlarge their floor space to showcase an extended product range
  • Uses 3D photorealistic images to showcase  products, eliminating inventory burdens
  • Provides high-end rendering with advanced materials and textures, interactive illumination and real-time ray tracing
  • Enables brands to produce and manage seamless, consistent and high quality communication across all consumer touch points with a single 3D Master Model and unified content and messaging used from design to POS
  • Product components are displayed based on available inventory
  • Deliveries can be quoted based on realistic lead times
  • Combines 3D product with social media feedback to allow users to browse and save trends from around the world

Engage consumers in the bricks & mortar store with interactive product configuration and personalization  

My In-store Theatre features a visual point of sale (POS) configurator that enables brands to transcend the four walls of the bricks and mortar store to showcase an extended product range. Consumers can personalize the product in real time on various digital display devices at the physical point of sale based on a vast number of customization options. All product data resides on the 3DEXPERIENCE business platform promoting information consistency and reducing the complexity and cost of sustaining a coherent offering across markets. Brands have state-of-the-art authoring features that allow them to configure authorized product combinations and regional availabilities that consumers can visualize with exceptional realism. Even yet-to-be-released products can be displayed giving companies an opportunity to accelerate market delivery through early product launches.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Transforms physical points-of-sale into spheres of experience
  • Virtually expands bricks & mortar store space and product range offering without inventory burdens
  • Showcases an extended collection that consumers can configure and personalize on various interactive display devices in the physical store
  • Provides consumers with more customized products
  • Market-specific constraints are automatically respected for each configurable product

Engage consumers online with innovative options to configure and personalize their ultimate product 

With My Web Theatre, brands can showcase their complete collection online with stunning visual quality. A powerful visual web configurator allows them to present all possible combinations of variants, materials, colors and accessories as well as pricing or performance characteristics with a high level of interactivity. All product data resides on the 3DEXPERIENCE business platform promoting information consistency and reducing the complexity and cost of sustaining a coherent offering across markets. Brands are empowered to build region-specific special editions and sales campaigns for more precise targeting.

Consumers can configure their personalized products online using interactive visual elements with photo-realistic real-time rendering. Products are displayed depending on available inventory and deliveries can be quoted based on realistic lead times. Consumers can save visual assets like images or videos for use at other retail touch points, or share them with friends via social media. They can choose between pre-rendered images or real-time rendering depending on their Internet connectivity. This helps ensure a fast and smooth consumer experience on their device.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Delivers a unique consumer experience by integrating personalization into the buying process
  • Displays product configurations anywhere, anytime on web/mobile devices with photo-realistic quality
  • Consumers can purchase their configured product, visualize it at another point of sale and share the resulting image on social media
  • Brands use rule engine to define authorized variants and combinations ensuring brand image consistency
  • Displays pricing, availability and shipping information
  • Provides a scalable experience on all digital devices