Consumers have an exceptional shopping experience when they have that “wow” moment. It can occur from the minute they catch a glimpse of a store to the pleasure they experience when inside. It ensures repeat visits and loyalty.  Merchandisers need to communicate a compelling brand persona to shoppers. They must have a vision for the way they want their stores to look and deploy that vision in a multi-channel environment. Considerable thought goes into visual merchandising to define what the ideal product mix is and how to best display that to enhance brand equity at every store location. The goal is to deliver a unique shopping experience that will maximize sales and have a direct topline impact.

My Store, is a Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experience for consumer goods retailers and brands that want to deliver a compelling and memorable consumer experience across all channels. Whether in a physical store or in any environment that features a product, My Store is the right retail technology for visual merchandising, assortment planning and collaboration across store level design teams. With this industry solution experience, merchandisers showcase their products in a compelling and enticing manner. It helps them to convey the merchant’s vision of how products should be displayed in the store and to effectively implement that vision. Store managers make better and faster decisions to drive compliance across stores, enhance brand equity at multiple points of sale and optimize revenue generation and profit. Brands maintain category captaincy to influence retailers and increase presence and sales. My Store is powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform on premise or on the cloud.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Make informed decisions for efficient assortment planning and visual merchandising
  • Define intelligent and sales-driven use of space and make it attractive too!
  • Remove physical tests and visualize merchandising assortment iterations
  • Connect with consumers and capture and share feedback with virtual shopping experiences
  • Capture retail performance in real time with 360° visibility

Designing a store layout can be a frustrating experience if errors are detected after receiving the physical collection. Merchandisers can make better decisions if they could preview the store early in a virtual environment. It ensures an assortment that has the best impact.

3D Content Collaboration is proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. With this industry process experience, the shopping environment is represented as a 3D virtual model with impressive realism. Content created in 3D can be combined with high quality photographs or Adobe Illustrator™ images and rendered together as 3D models. Digitally representing an assortment before physically taking delivery of items throughout the store, or even before committing to production, avoids expensive and time-consuming assortment failures and improves ROI.

Key Highlights

  • Manage in-store products with a single source of the truth
  • Leverage the power of 3D for true-to-life store displays
  • Deliver operational excellence at the store level with fewer risks, faster decisions and more profit
  • Easily create your own 3D content from early 2D product sketches

A visually exciting store layout has a positive influence on consumers. From the moment they enter the store, they must see what you want them to see. This takes careful planning from the first moment of impact.

My Store Layout enables retailers to represent the future store complete with sightlines, pillars, shelves, fixtures and staircases for optimum impact. Planners can depict a zone, an entire floor or the way a corner will be set up complete with lighting effects for more realism. They design the appropriate store layout as a function of the available surface area. Shelves and fixtures can be rearranged to comply with the consumer’s shopping behavior and the business performance expected by the brand and retailer. Ephemeral zones for special events or holidays can be easily integrated and displayed next to the current store layout for easy visualization and planning.

Key Highlights

  • Implement store layout strategy and provide recommendations to local entities
  • Ensure operational excellence and shelf compliance
  • Optimize floor layout, fixture alignment, and zones for a desired consumer shopping experience

Where do products and categories belong in the store? Effective store layout is based on intelligent product display for maximum impact. Stores need to build effective visual merchandising based on consumer insights and that meet their financial objectives.

With My Virtual Merchandising, brands and retailers hold virtual visual assessment sessions for effective internal executive reviews and display team updates. They engage in efficient virtual merchandising based on business rules that ensure that specific products are featured in key locations. They can view the amount of space consumed by different products and visualize the different units as they drag and drop them onto store fixtures to evaluate the end result. Once satisfied, a detailed planogram is generated including product information and detailed mounting instructions.  Clear visibility of business metrics can be provided in the context of the assortment positioning enabling quick response to margin projections and sales results.

Key Highlights

  • Evaluate and optimize space occupied by the different products
  • Drag and drop products onto fixtures with impressive realism
  • Generate detailed planograms of the ideal result with product images, details, fixture instructions, and more
  • Evaluate business metrics in context of the store in advance or in-season

Retailers need to communicate not just the precise instructions on how stores should be laid out but the environment for the merchandise based on consumer preferences and feedback. A delightful shopping experience, brand equity consistency and operational compliance can be achieved through 3D lifelike experiences. Testing a store prior to making expensive production commitments results in huge benefits. After laying out a store, internal store and merchandising associates or even external consumer focus groups can connect to the store through the web for a virtual walk-through of the shopping experience.

With My Shopping Experience consumers can browse the various departments and test-buy products providing merchants with valuable information on a proposed collection before actually triggering production or stocking the store with real inventory. My Shopping Experience helps identify consumer preferences that influence the assortments and the way they are positioned throughout the store. Local stores benefit from a 3D walk-through to support the planograms they receive. My Shopping Experienceefficiently captures and communicates the merchandiser’s vision of what the store should look like.

Key Benefits

  • Capture the merchant vision and share it with the stores
  • Use interactive 3D walk-throughs to communicate the desired shopping experience
  • Make more well-informed assortment decisions for content and placement
  • Get early feedback on store set up and content of proposed collections
  • Simplify training with an intuitive web-based interface

Does your retail performance meet your expectations? Do your products sell as well as they should?  What do consumers say about your products, a new collection, or your new marketing approach? How do you measure and understand the impact of your shelf strategy on store operations? Brands and retailers need to gather information from external and internal data sources to understand how changes affect the shopping experience.

With My Analytics companies can extract more value from their existing information across multiple systems, including the web, and generate real-time and in-context results as queries, dashboards and alerts. Stakeholders can make better-informed decisions and implement rapid adjustments to improve retail performance for increased revenue and profit. With information intelligence, organizations become more agile and dynamic.

Key Highlights

  • Accelerate visibility and analysis across internal, partner, and public information for faster decision-making
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources on mash-ups and personalized dashboards
  • Set triggers and alerts on key metrics
  • Provide 360°, real-time views of customers, products and sales across all channels
  • Unlock data without costly data marts by indexing existing sources