Consumer lifestyles influence the goods they buy. Many purchases are seasonal or event-related (birthdays, Christmas, or for the promotion of a new film) which means demand is ‘now’ and short-lived. Brands must, therefore, be quick to respond to stay in the game.  For other items, consumers want sturdy products built to last. More connected and better-informed than ever, consumers want the latest features and will take time to investigate and to compare different product and brand offerings.  Brands must also innovate on two fronts: globally, because word gets around fast in a socially-connected world and locally because products must satisfy cultural differences and tastes. And companies must manage these differences while maintaining consistent brand image and value from one country to the next. From concept to consumer, they need tighter control of their supply chain throughout theirproduct development process to deliver the right products to the right market in a timely manner.

Buying power has also shifted. Populations that were once devoted to manufacturing products are now becoming consumers in their own right and brands must find a way to satisfy them. Finally, in a world where design weighs heavy on the consumer psyche, companies must continue to attract the best talents by providing them with exciting environments in which they can express their creativity.

My Product Portfolio is an industry solution experience dedicated to the creation of innovative hard goods. With My Product Portfolio, brands connect with consumers to deliver the products they want. It is the only offering on the market that provides 3D capabilities for both styling and engineering in one integrated platform. Brands can implement effective design-for-cost strategies and launch their products to market faster in compliance with sustainability targets and safety norms. They have a virtual environment in which they can test and validate their designs as well as program and simulate their manufacturing processes. This helps reduce the need for physical prototypes and enables them to ensure manufacturability early in the process.  With this industry solution experience, companies have a scalable solution that can be extended as their business requirements evolve. My Product Portfolionatively supports the design needs of hard goods companies resulting in a faster ROI.

Discover the values of My Product Portfolio solution:

  • Design, develop and deliver more innovative products
  • Improve business processes for faster time to market
  • Improve collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Increase engineering and manufacturing efficiency
  • Reduce development and manufacturing time and costs
  • Deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Improve product quality
  • Efficiently create product documentation

All information readily available to stakeholders at all times.

My Product Portfolio has product management capabilities to manage all product and project information throughout the development process. Specifications and requirements, BOMs, schedules, resource allocation and budgets are managed and shared with stakeholders in a secure environment. Companies can manage the supplier quotation process and choose the most competitive offer. They have powerful configuration management to efficiently manage product variants to meet different consumer tastes.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Manage all product development information in a single source of truth
  • Create and communicate the “specification” of the product’s design to the rest of the company
  • Manage project planning information with stage-gate milestones and resources
  • Aggregate all multi-discipline design IP into a single enterprise Bill-Of-Materials (BOM)
  • Implement configuration management to treat product variants
  • Manage supplier bid process

3D creativity and engineering innovation in one integrated platform.

My Product Portfolio provides powerful 3D design tools to elaborate the most innovative products.

Creative designers can select the approach they are most comfortable with. They may either start with a 2D sketch or in 3D with virtual clay modeling. Some of them will embrace both.  Whatever they decide, their outputs are ready to be used by mechanical designers and engineers who can then move forward with detailed design. The original design intent is protected, and iterations can take place in a natural collaborative teamwork environment.

My Product Portfolio has specific features for the design of plastic, metal and composite parts. Designers and engineers can collaborate in real time to perform project reviews, co-design and virtually explore different design possibilities before choosing the best one.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Improve creativity with a new design tool for 3D
  • Easy, ultra-fast and intuitive integrated 2D sketch and 3D modeling for more creativity
  • Streamline design and engineering collaboration with digital continuity
  • Specialized features for the design of plastic, metal and composite components
  • Explore more design options, materials, colors, check impact, and make better decisions

Reduce development costs and time and gain valuable insight into product performance to improve product quality.

With My Product Portfolio brands can test and validate their designs in a virtual environment reducing the need for physical prototypes and production re-dos due to undetected errors. With simulation modeling, brands reduce development times and costs while improving product quality. Moreover, they can verify that materials meet safety standards and withstand stress and usage testing.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Drive design exploration and innovation
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes through virtual product testing and life prediction
  • Test and validate that products comply with specifications
  • Validate that materials comply with regulations for quality, durability, and safety
  • Perform strength and stress analyses
  • Reduce development and manufacturing time and costs

Delivering flexible tooling and manufacturing processes that can quickly be updated to meet customer requirements.

Efficient manufacturing depends on tooling design, which is why My Product Portfolio has dedicated tooling design features for Mold preparation (draft angle checking, parting line & surface, core & cavity … ), which helps to ensure the resulting product complies with specifications and quality standards. You can program and simulate the product manufacturing process in a virtual environment. With this industry solution experience, you also create accompanying documentation for production, assembly, sales and marketing and even the final user.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Define and test tooling for quality before series production
  • Capitalize and re-use your company’s know-how to enhance the efficiency of your tooling and manufacturing process
  • Efficiently prepare molds and quickly assess manufacturability
  • Gain flexibility and respond faster to last minute changes
  • Simulate and program NC machines
  • Secure final product quality while optimizing manufacturing costs
  • Create up-to-date product documentation and technical illustrations to educate and inform ecosystem including consumers

360° visibility to understand consumer demand and response. Faster insights for faster decision-making.

My Product Portfolio connects brands to their consumers providing them with an opportunity to identify market needs and trends in real time. All information is at your fingertips providing faster insight into consumer preferences that leads to a more efficient decision-making process.

Key capabilities & benefits:

  • Intelligence dashboard to listen to everything, learn from everyone, and act in real-time
  • Socialize and brainstorm with peers in an informal manner and bring your ideas to life
  • Identify market needs and consumer perception through powerful search and filtering features
  • Information that matters at your fingertips in one real-time dashboard with the ability to connect external social networks and all your internal systems (from PLM to ERP to CRM)