CPG Manufacturers and Retails spend tremendous amounts of resources in an effort to optimize productivity of brands and categories.  This involves investments across a broad range of areas including in-store marketing, packaging initiatives, store signage, planogram design, etc.  But how can you truly evaluate new ideas before spending the resources to support them?

At Dassault Systèmes, we believe the better we understand the consumer and the in-store shopping experience, the more informed and smarter our decision-making will be.

By simulating retail settings inside immersive, lifelike 3D virtual environments, both Consumer Packaged Goods companies and Retailers can better imagine new ideas and concepts, validate new executions with shoppers and execute winning shopping experiences.  All while focusing on increasing the metrics that are most critical: consumer loyalty, brand & category profitability, in-store compliance, and equity measures.

Perfect Shelf is the only highly effective 3D Merchandising software solution that enables CPG Brand Manufacturers and Retailers to redefine the shopping experience, illustrate the impact of new ideas, optimize space planning, and maximize compliance….all without the time and cost of all current methods.

Perfect Shelf is available On Premise and On Cloud.

Key capabilities & benefits

  • INCREASE SALES while improving margins through better, more informed decisions and more options to evaluate during the planning process
  • ENHANCE COLLABORATION between Manufacturer and Retail by taking a real-time 3D approach to joint business planning
  • IMPROVE SPEED TO SHELF through accelerated category management and space planning and faster validation of the shopping experience (at a lower cost!)
  • IMPROVE IN-STORE COMPLIANCE, execution and experience across all formats through improved quality of store planning
  • LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP by leveraging virtual research for shorter project timeframes and reduced time to market and better execution in-store

More insights, quicker, cheaper

Every year, Retailers and CPG Brand Manufacturers are investing huge amounts of time and money on research: trends, shopper behavior and insights, new product introductions, and packaging initiatives. Understanding consumer needs and behaviors is critical to making the right decisions for the brand and store. This discovery phase can be a lengthy proposition as it involves market research studies, social listening, connecting with panels and professionals, brand image analysis, etc.

Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE solution from Dassault Systèmes allows you to virtually test with a wide demographic in less time and at a lower cost.  Virtual testing allows you to understand shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors and purchase practices in a lifelike simulation without the complexity and cost of having to build physical testing environments. With quicker testing of more options, you’ll gain the insights and validation you’ll need to imagine and define a product, category or shelf-space strategy.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • CONDUCT RESEARCH VIRTUALLY to understand consumer trends, shopper behavior
  • UNCOVER RICH INSIGHTS to evaluate planograms, understand packaging, and optimize new ideas
  • ENHANCE COLLABORATION with internal and external partners to increase ideas and innovation and make the company more agile
  • CREATE SUCCESSFUL CONCEPTS that allow Brand and Retailers to work together more effectively

Establish your brand as a true leader in the category and differentiate yourself from the competition.

The best solution for your business is the one that encompasses all of the strategies needed to make your brand successful. To know your retailer is to understand their needs, their expectations, their goals and objectives.  How better then, than to be able to quickly and easily align your processes with theirs to maximise each and every opportunity that presents itself. Just imagine, better consumer alignment, increased brand equity, fewer missed opportunities and increased efficiency and flexibility. What better way to establish yourself as a true and trusted partner and potentially the category captain.

Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE solution from Dassault Systèmes allows you to virtually build and evaluate more category options with a wider demographic in less time and at a lower cost. Virtual building and evaluation allows you to understand and align shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors and purchase practices in a lifelike simulation without the complexity and cost of having to build physical display environments. With quicker testing of more category options, you’ll gain the insights and validation you’ll need to imagine and define a product, category or shelf-space strategy.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • DRIVE QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY to truly understand the retailer and their consumer and drive operational excellence more effectively
  • INCREASE MARKET SHARE by creating and evaluating more category options quicker and with increased accuracy to drive revenue growth
  • INCREASE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO though greater collaboration and more effective supplier expertise and guidance
  • MANAGE BRAND PERCEPTION through better alignment allow Brand and Retailers to work closer together more effectively

Cost effective Design, Merchandising Compliance and Stronger Brand Experience

Building all the planograms that will fit all the different store layouts, category sizes and shelving options a retailer may have AND take key business performance data into account can be a daunting task.

Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes enables Category Managers to easily use intuitive and efficient ‘drag & drop’ capabilities with direct access to business KPI metrics, to deliver all the planograms needed to increase market share for the Brand and revenue for the Retailer.

Within Perfect Shelf, you can efficiently create 3D shelves, fixtures and merchandising elements that accurately reflect the retailer’s standards and equity.  Using Rules-Driven Automations, you can increase productivity by creating multiple planograms efficiently and effectively. Create stunning visual merchandising plans which follow consumer decision trees and are optimized for each store or cluster within the retailer.

With Perfect Shelf, virtual 3D merchandising is becoming the new standard.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • COST EFFECTIVE creation of 3D content to effectively manage any product category and Point of Sale material
  • ACCELERATED IMPLEMENTATION of consumer decision trees by linking products to the category structure and segments
  • INTUITIVE & EFFICIENT design through Drag & Drop capabilities, Smart positioning and advanced product assortment filtering and searching
  • COMPLIANCE with merchandising rules to ensure shelf quality

Category Leadership, Team On-boarding

When it comes time for Annual or Seasonal line reviews, the Retailer will generally invite the CPG Brand Manufacturers to share their category and brand growth strategies, present their new products/ideas and discuss promotional plans. In strategy sessions like these, 3D virtual reality can be a game-changer.

With the support of a 3D Virtual Merchandising solution like Perfect Shelf, the CPG Brand Manufacturer can engage the retailer with new ideas, concepts and alternative scenarios in a lifelike environment that mimics the retailer’s actual store(s). By looking at business metrics in the context of a virtual 3D planogram, the Manufacturer can create a vision for the category, review consumer insights, illustrate a new strategy and deliver merchandising options that can help support important goals: category growth, brand growth, and category captaincy.

Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes is the perfect platform to showing and sharing ideas, investigating future possibilities and inspiring point of sales shopping experiences. It enables Retailers and Brand Manufacturers to take their collaboration to another level and make business decisions in a couple hours instead of weeks.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • EFFECTIVELY COLLABORATE insides and outside the organization on a single platform
  • GAME CHANGING TOOLS for Category Influencer or Brand looking for Category Captaincy
  • CAPABILITY TO SHOWCASE a new product launch, seasonal event, promotional gondola or full range review
  • AVOID THE EXPENSE of physical mock-up stores or planograms with a continuously shareable and adaptable 3D experience
  • INCREASE ACCEPTANCE of merchandising strategies proposed within 3D virtual environments and focused on winning shopping experiences
  • IMPROVE IN-STORE COMPLIANCE of marketing material by understanding and anticipating potential issues

Precision Retailing & Productivity

Fixtures, Shelving, POS Materials and Category dimensions can vary between store clusters and even between stores within the same cluster. Retailers must frequently deploy and adjust the shelf space strategy and/or recommendations to local stores. This activity focuses on adjusting allocated space for the category to the store size and format, changing shelves and fixtures to adapt to and align with the local assortment.

Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes allows you to ‘think globally, act locally’ by using Rules-Driven automations to efficiently produce multiple planogram scenarios which remain compliant with the consumer decision tree and deliver on expected overall business performance. With the easier creation of planograms aligned with cluster or specific stores, time can be freed up for other business-building pursuits.

With the investments in new products, packaging, and signage initiatives, utilize Perfect Shelf to design planograms to optimize in-store compliance so the right products are in the right positions in planogram after planogram and store after store.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • BUILT-IN FLEXIBILITY to enable centralized approach and/or local empowerment
  • GENERATE PLANOGRAM VARIATIONS within a few minutes
  • ADJUST TO LOCAL NEEDS to accommodate for discrepancies in allocated space, furniture, assortment, Consumer Decision Trees, and local store performance
  • ALIGN FIXTURING with actual store inventory
  • OPTIMIZE COMPLIANCE by efficiently designing planograms to adapt to the local level and ensure the right product positioning at every opportunity

Operations Compliance & Quality

Ultimately, execution at the point of sale is critical for both Retailer and Brand Manufacturer. A delightful shopping experience, brand equity consistency and operational excellence are achievable with clear instructions and plans designed to fit the local store.

The Perfect Store Execution component of Perfect Shelf 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systèmes provides the ability to generate the mounting and execution instructions in multiple languages in a single click! And with new mobile capabilities, Perfect Shelf easily enables a ‘one version of the truth’ data view to ensure strong execution. Mobile capabilities can increase working relationships between global and regional team and/or headquarter and store personnel.

The ability to measure, assess and report the execution of merchandising strategies provides real-time insight to compliance and enables the opportunity to have continual improvement at store-level….and also the chance to adapt corporate merchandising strategy when needed.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • REAL-TIME COMPLIANCE MONITORING with new mobile and digital connectivity features (virtual twin)
  • SPEED IMPLEMENTATION by creating multiple planogram and language versions quickly and easily
  • DRIVE LOYALTY with a well-designed shopping experience
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to planograms with real-time data and the ability to communicate quickly to store level
  • REDUCE CHANCE FOR ERRORS in operations by taking a ‘one version of truth’ approach to data housing
  • MAKE BETTER AND FASTER DECISIONS for stores by reviewing real-time data and optimizing merchandising strategies