Brand loyalty has been proclaimed to be the ultimate goal of marketing! True, but the repurchase decision very much depends on the quality and performance of the product. Product/formula development is a highly complex process that combines broad ecosystem of marketers, R&D organizations, regulatory experts and production teams inside a brand or contract manufacturer’s organization.

Perfect Product Industry Solution Experience, powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables Beauty, Healthcare and Household brand and contract manufacturers to manage new product development efforts in a holistic and  collaborative way to balance  Cost, Regulatory and Quality and drive business success.

Perfect Product enables teams to understand consumer needs, design and test the formula for efficacy and manufacturability, optimize its cost using raw materials substitutions, ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements and analyze how it performs in the market.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Virtually eliminate product recalls related to formulation noncompliance
  • Reduce Sourcing Costs by up to 30% by driving a ‘design for cost’ sourcing strategy
  • Reduce time to develop by up to 20% by enabling People, Processes and Systems to collaborate through the same business platform
  • Increase consumer loyalty by delivering the product promise which will drive to higher consumer satisfaction

The power of intelligent dashboards

When it comes to creating a new formula, it all starts with gathering the appropriate information that will drive to the right strategic and business decision. Decision makers need clear, easy to access, visual information that answers the following questions: How to catch the latest consumer’s needs, market trends and regulatory’s past and upcoming evolutions to make the best product launch decision? How to gather the company’s knowledge and expertise in formula creation and make it available to the appropriate stakeholders?

Perfect Ideation, from Perfect Product, provides a platform for CPG brand and contract manufacturers to start by listening to consumer’s conversations and competitors activities online, collaborate together to identify new materials and ingredients, stay in touch with the latest regulations, and collaborate together using decision based dashboards to coordinate the product development process.

Perfect Ideation transforms large volumes of heterogeneous and multi-source data into meaningful and real-time information intelligence to help project members to make the right business decisions faster.

Key Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Get access to external information such as competitive news, market news and trends, blog posts, social media, and also internal marketing studies or competition SWOT to help drive product innovation
  • Manage Inputs from the different stakeholders or collaborators: R&D, legal to get access to the latest regulations
  • Discover new materials and ingredients to enhance new product offerings

Manage formula development projects to eliminate product delay

Delivering new product on time or faster on the market is a race that only the best agile and collaborative organizations can win. Very often, Marketing, R&D, legal, regulatory, purchasing and manufacturing teams work through iteration loops processes and do not share the same level of product information. Work is redone due to lack of knowledge sharing; unnecessary checking processes are put in place to make sure people are talking about the same thing. These are some of the difficulties that cause product launch delay or failure.

Perfect Initiative, from Perfect Product, delivers advanced resource planning, flexibility and templates enabling CPG brand and contract manufacturers to automate resource planning activities and institutionalize its best practices for various formula project types easily.

Perfect Initiative’s collaborative project management capabilities dramatically increase the productivity of globally distributed actors in the creation of a new formula by executing projects and programs with real-time information that updates automatically through direct links to tasks, regulatory documents, product deliverables, and marketing specifications.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • R&D team gets access to previous projects and assets information that can be easily reused for new products creation
  • No rework and fast information search dramatically decreases the time needed to create or adapt a formula and the related investment
  • No more missed deadlines due to poor visibility resulting in slow reaction to issues
  • Enables each and every program and project stakeholder to get access simultaneously to the product, project and program information

Optimize formula design for satisfying business objectives

Formula creation is all about winning the second moment of truth. Because a product will, at least, deliver the promise that convinces the shopper (First moment of Truth), then the consumer satisfaction level will be high enough to drive the product to be repurchased, again and again.

Convincing a consumer and delighting the product usage is part of the packaging role but mainly related to the product experience, i.e. the formula efficacy, performance and ultimately perceived value.

Perfect Formula, from Perfect Product, delivers R&D organizations from brand and contract manufacturers with a robust formula design and management solution that manages powerful ingredient-level calculations. Constant innovation in products requires an agile development for formulations. More than ever, it is also about leveraging the raw materials availabilities in different plants around the world at the lowest cost.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Formula optimization to perfectly answer the marketing requirements from properties standpoint (new trends like organic or “natural”, texture, color, smell, efficacy, etc.)
  • Formulator can do cost optimization for the formula and make the best choice at the “upfront” of the innovation process vs. late in the process
  • Materials alternate and substitution management

Ensure raw materials and formula regulatory compliance

Market globalization and product success replication in every region of the world is a key challenge for a world class CPG brand manufacturer. Local and global governmental regulations and brands willing to strengthen consumers’ ‘trust in their equity’ rely on a perfect regulatory compliancy for formulas. Very often today, managing regulatory is a highly manual process: collect status review, changes late in the process and make decisions on the right materials to be used is a long and unsaved knowledge process.

Perfect Compliance, from perfect product, provides a holistic regulatory management solution that constantly evaluates formulas for material compliance and alerts the user in real time (before the formula is made and money spent) to any potential regulatory violations. This intelligent regulatory system provides real-time guidance into global, regional and local regulatory requirements.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Real time checking of regulatory compliance to avoid back and forth validation between R&D and legal Departments
  • 50% less time spent managing compliance data
  • Rapid adaptation of global formulas to local needs and requirements through multi-Region Regulatory Management
  • Regulatory documentation management

Define structured formulas specifications for reuse in manufacturing

Perfect Specifications, from Perfect Product, enables CPG companies to define and manage any kind of product specifications including formulations, raw materials, and processing instructions. Administrator-designed specifications templates provide standardization of information, while allowing for quick turnaround for changes in the specifications format and content to address ever changing business needs. Robust BOM management capabilities as a superset and logical extension to specifications management are provided, allowing enterprises to combine specifications into logical material hierarchies that define product structure and maximize reuse of data. The change management processes have been designed specifically to ensure all impacted stakeholders are kept informed and given an opportunity to review the specifications before release and manufacturing.

Perfect Specifications ensures that “a single version of the truth” is shared across the value chain for product data with the result that companies can bring products to market faster while maximizing re-use of information to reduce formulation costs.

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Product specifications management including formula characteristics to be measured during manufacturing process to ensure quality
  • Master data management: one single data and product specifications and information repository
  • Support for master and site recipes, multi-plant cost optimization
  • Specification integration with BOM for enterprise change management, Quality and ERP synchronization