CAMeLEAN / PMS is an enterprise class role-based program management solution that helps organisations collaborate and communicate across projects, time zones and geographies – with the ability to monitor them from a single point. From a single project to enterprise-wide programs, CAMeLEAN / PMS offers a rich tool set that enables alignment of project execution with corporate objectives. A larger program perspective is delivered that helps identify trends and areas of project execution which need greater focus. Both internet and intranet based support is offered. All relevant program personnel are always keep current with real-time notifications and alerts triggered by imbedded Business Intelligence constantly monitor project status changes. Real time notifications and alerts reduce the time and cost associated with critical business decisions.

CAMeLEAN / PMS consolidates all program data into one comprehensive framework that enables the right persons to get the right program data at the right time. It helps organisations save time and money through better optimisation of resources across projects with real-time program status updates that ensures problems get identified and resolved faster. It offers the following benefits across the program:

CAMeLEAN / PMS provides real-time program tracking & control that delivers the following benefits:

  1. Ensure best practices: Bring in best practices, controls and structured procedures within the organisation through templates.
  2. Extend Program Visibility: Extend program visibility for stakeholders both within and outside the organisation, including suppliers and contractors.
  3. Empower cross-functional enterprise collaboration: Through a centralized communication backbone that updates and notifies in real time across geographies and stakeholders.
  4. Unified Command & Control: Strengthens the hand of program managers by ensuring only authorized personnel can control program execution through a single command & control structure.
  5. Optimise Resources: By balancing project assignment with organisational resource constraints.
  6. Speedy decisions: Identify problems earlier for speedier, informed decision making with real-time program status updates.
  7. Enforce standardised organizational processes: With the lifecycle management engine that ensures standardisation of program execution effort
  8. Centralise Sharing of documents: With the program repository that allows seamless updating and sharing of documents across the program.
  9. Keep on top of program issues: Keep all program personnel current on program problems through centralised issue management.
  10. Controlled access to information: With role-based security and access privileges controlling what program users can view or modify
  11. Scalable enterprise system: Gives the flexibility to manage from one project to multiple program.

CAMeLEAN / PMS unify control and visibility across different projects of a program. It scales flexibly and allows organisations to manage just a single project or multiple projects of different durations. It ensures early identification & control of project slippages; resources are optimally deployed; project data is seamlessly shared across all stakeholders including contractors and suppliers; and project teams are empowered with actionable tools to take decisions speedily. It offers both internet as well as intranet based support. CAMeLEAN / PMS allow organisations to easily setup the program environment to provide standardisation across the enterprise as given below:

  • Easily configure your program environment with a few clicks.
  • Setup role-based templates to model the organisation hierarchy and utilise such templates within all programs and projects for assigning roles to tasks.
  • Define security and access privileges based on roles for ensuring continuity across users
  • Establish Standard Project Templates that can be used for enforcing best practices and ensuring consistency across the program.
  • Define Program Time Zones and Calendars based on place of program execution.
  • Define Timesheet Categories for effective time reporting and analysis.
  • Setup Lifecycle Management Controls to manage project notifications, process matrix and communication in different phases of a project.


    • Setup Programs quickly with Templates: Save time spent in keying program setup by reusing knowledge gained from a successful project as a template, with the flexibility to capture the entire project as a whole, or as a combination of tasks, deliverable and users only.


    • Define Program structure, timelines and milestones: Define the Work Break down structure and establish timelines for projects, sub-projects and tasks. Setup milestones for quantifying benchmarks for project and task progress.


    • Establish Dependencies and Constraints across projects: Plan and define dependencies, set up task and project constraints.


    • Use the Resource Load Viewer to plan resource assignments efficiently: Utilise the Resource Load Viewer to find out which resources are available for what duration so that resource assignment planning can be done more efficiently based on actual program data. Estimate man power requirements based on user utilisation.


    • Leverage global resources while assigning users: Determine whether skilled resources are available elsewhere in the organisation for assigning to projects; exploit talent available across the program not just within a single location thereby preventing valuable projects being lost due to critical resource shortages.


    • Setup deliverables repository and schedules: Establish the centralised location where deliverables, input documents and reference documents would be available for sharing across stakeholders and team members with the right security privileges; establish scope of deliverable visibility; attach deliverables to specific tasks and milestones for determining deliverable schedules.


    • Map lifecycles to Tasks: Determine which lifecycle can be mapped on to which particular task for unparalleled flexibility in determining the process how each tasks will ultimately get executed.


  • Establish security policy and access privileges: Define who has access to what information and documents with the role-based access system in addition to the default settings established while configuring the program environment.


    • Update progress reports in real time: Update project & task schedules, status and timelines easily which immediately get reflected across the program in real-time.
    • Report and Update issues: Report and update issues both within and across projects; use issue levels for prioritising effort and urgency control measures; utilise the power of system driven issues which get generated automatically for highlighting project events that may go unnoticed; use the issue lifecycle management to sequence and control the issue resolution process.
    • Get Project and Issue alerts in Real-time: Get updated on project and issue changes through real-time notifications and alerts, add which roles or users could subscribe to notifications and alerts on changes in task events or status, in addition to the default stakeholders and team members.
    • Flexibly reallocate users based on changed project conditions: Utilise the User Manager to flexibly reallocate users based on changes in task or project conditions. Role-based program execution ensures that there is a smooth transition in implementation in the case of any contingency.
    • Perform efficient User and Program Time Management: Easy, flexible timesheets make it simple to enter and manage timesheets with one click approval and routing by project defined approval roles. Online Timesheets allow time reporting from anywhere.
    • Track and share any document through the secure centralised document repository: Easily Track and update any project document through the centralised information repository, share documents along with access with other team members based on role-based access privileges.
    • Use the lifecycle management engine to effectively control processes across the program: Utilise the lifecycle management engine to control how projects, tasks, issues and deliverables get processed thereby enforcing organizational process control; ensure that only the program/project manager controls project execution.
  • Collaborate across geographies and stakeholders: Allows all project stakeholders and team members to come onto the same page and communicate across locations with the ability to easily share and update information in real-time.


    • Get a consolidated program perspective of projects at a glance: Obtain a higher program perspective of how projects across a program are faring; drill down from high end program level to more detailed project, sub project and task levels for finer granularity.
    • Constantly evaluate planned vs actual program and project metrics: Always stay current on how key program and project metrics based on time, deliverables, tasks and milestones are faring against planned settings.
    • Visually monitor progress with the color coded indicators: Use the red, green and yellow color coded status indicators to draw attention to the problem areas, thereby facilitating management by exception.
    • Get detailed analytical reports: Obtain in-depth, powerful analytical reports showing project and schedule slippages; deliverable, effort and issue variances; along with the ability to analyse the reasons for such slippages.
    • Use program filters to categorise effort and time data: Get powerful insight into how time and effort is being spent by using powerful filters to categorise project information into valuable knowledge for better decision making.
    • Track and Manage issue resolutions centrally: Get a global view of issues within and across projects; get real-time automatic issue notifications based on program hierarchy and/or life issue lifecycle phase; use the issue history to gain insight into how particular issues got resolved, for future reference.
    • Get real-time subscription based alerts and notifications: Broadcast real-time alerts on project changes, action items and reassigned tasks through the powerful notification engine.
  • Sharply focus Project Tracking through user-centric project views: Get own project views through project dashboards for saving time in searching for information and sharpening cross-project focus.

CAMeLEAN / PMS allows organizations to consolidate control and visibility over their project pipeline through a single web-based enterprise framework that synchronises all projects, resources, issues, deliverables and time within programs. The key features are given below:

Portfolio Management

1Prioritise Projects

  • Manage priority projects
  • Utilise visual indicators to highlight priority projects
  • Identify low priority projects for reducing efforts and possible elimination

1Optimise Resource Utilisation

  • Use utilisation & work load reports to find out whether resources have been optimally deployed across the program
  • Monitor whether the right resources are in the right projects
  • Plan resource requirements and retraining needs
  • Identify areas for improving productivity of resources through categorisation
  • Leverage skills of the global resources

1Track Program Financial Health

  • Use cost parameters to identify cost overruns
  • Identify at a given point of time how much of budgeted cost has been consumed
  • Assess the value of work in progress

1Track Program Performance Globally

  • Get high level Program Health Analysis through Gantt charts, scorecards, bar charts and pie charts
  • Identify schedule, effort and cost variances across the program
  • Analyse probability of completing the project within the cost and schedule
  • Identify deliverable slippages within the program

CAMeLEAN / PMS Portfolio Management allows organisations to focus on the right projects from a business perspective. It collates project performance metrics into intelligent knowledge that can be used to analyse how the program is progressing from various points of view. An amazing facet of CAMeLEAN / PMS is its unparalleled customisability wherein enterprises can setup their own parameters for getting the information that is specific to their program. This delivers powerful flexibility of matching program functionality to an organisation’s business processes rather than the other way around.

1The CAMeLean / PMS Advantage

With CAMeLEAN / PMS Portfolio Management, organisations can ensure that their teams are doing the right projects by using resources being leveraged for optimum effort. It also helps management identify trends across the projects which provide an early warning to possible problems. The advantages include:

  • Balancing project effort with corporate priority
  • Ensuring the optimum utilisation of a company’s best resources
  • Identifying and eliminating resource bottlenecks before they happen
  • Unified perspective of critical program metrics

Deliverables Management

1Deliverables Schedule Definition

  • Setup deliverable schedules based on dates, task schedules or even other deliverable schedules
  • Set multiple deliverables on a single task import deliverable schedules when bringing in
  • Project / task templates
  • Define document templates for deliverable formats

1Deliverables Management

  • Centralised repository for organise and store deliverable documents
  • Configure the scope of visibility of deliverables
  • Setup deliverable location references that can be used anywhere across the program

1Deliverables Tracking

  • Monitor deliverable status
  • View deliverable slippages across projects
  • Get alerts on missed deliverables
  • Use color coded indicators for tracking deliverable status

1Deliverables Reporting

  • Analyse planned deliverable schedules against actual delivery dates
  • Identify deliverable bottlenecks
  • View the impact of deliverable delays on project execution
  • Get summary reports of deliverables across the project

CAMeLEAN / PMS Deliverable Management engine allows all stakeholders to know what is to be delivered, in what form and by which date. It brings transparency and visibility to project deliverables across the enterprise and enables organisations to practice management by deliverables. Tracking schedules and deliverable enables early resolution of problems that may impede delivery progress.

1The CAMeLEAN / PMS Advantage

CAMeLEAN / PMS extends deliverable visibility across the extended enterprise and delivers the following unique advantages

  • Online visibility of deliverable
  • Analyse delivery trends
  • Real-time deliverable collaboration
  • Central repository for all deliverables
  • Visibility of deliverable accountability

Reports & Analysis

1Summarised Enterprise Views

  • Use the Project Dashboard to track project elements across Projects
  • Analyse resource performance and utilization across the organisation
  • Use category summarisation reports for powerful decision making
  • Balance project effort with corporate priority
  • Export reports based on geographical location

1In Depth Project View

  • Get detailed reports on tasks, issues, milestones, schedules and deliverables within a project
  • Analyse actual vs planned performance reports
  • Analyse variance reports on effort, schedules and resources utilisation
  • Perform what-if scenarios and forecasting to identify project focus areas

1Resource View

  • Analyse resources from project, team and user level perspectives
  • Forecast resource demand and revised schedules based on current performance
  • Get individual resource views on tasks, issues and deliverables
  • Analyse Resource Loads and utilisations
  • Check Resource Availability during planning for projects, re-training needs or leave replacements etc

1Customisation & Integration

  • Configure reports as per user preferences
  • Extend customisability through CAMeLEAN / PMS’s open architecture and exposed API’s
  • Easily integrate with other information systems
  • Easy customisation of data and formats for reports
  • Easily import and export report data from MS Project and Excel

1Web Based Reporting

  • Simple browser-based access to reports
  • Real time report updates
  • Controlled access to reports

1The CAMeLEAN / PMS Advantage

CAMeLEAN / PMS Reports delivers a powerful organisational perspective to its project related data that empowers its users with a vital toolset to make informed decisions:

  • Drill down to the level of perspective desired
  • Manage by exception with visual classifications
  • Get the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Anytime, anywhere real-time access
  • Easy customisability

Program Management

1Program Planning:

  • Use templates for faster project creation
  • Define Projects, sub projects and tasks along with dependencies and constraints
  • Setup WBS, Task & Deliverable Schedules and Milestones across the program
  • Define Program role structure and assign/reassign users to roles
  • Define access rights to program information
  • Define all the formats and standards to be followed for project deliverables
  • Import desktop project management data seamlessly

1Manage and Control the program:

  • Track program tasks, issues, deliverables, schedules and milestone progress
  • Monitor effort and schedule variations for effective decisions
  • Get Gantt charts and graphical views on program, project and task progress
  • Monitor issues centrally using priority levels to focus resolution efforts
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Use Project Bookmarks for drilling down to selected projects faster

1Lifecycle Management:

  • Define project, task, issue or any lifecycle with the inbuilt lifecycle engine
  • Utilise the power of both single and bi-directional lifecycle processes
  • Control project notifications and visibility through the project lifecycle engine

1Personalised project view:

  • Use the Project Dashboard for tracking progress across the program
  • Get personalised project views on own project data CAMeLEAN / PMS Program Management seamlessly brings together all project data across the program into one unified view. This allows the relevant stakeholders to spend more time on effective project management and less time on managing the data. It provides a powerful toolset to plan out the project according to organisational objectives along with a control structure that highlight the areas within and across projects that need attention. Its adaptability ensures that program users can get the data that is pertinent to their projects for more focused action. At the same time, top management can obtain a high level perspective to find out where more strategic focus is needed.

1The CAMeLEAN / PMS Advantage

The flexibility of CAMeLEAN / PMS ensures that it can adapt to any organisation and greatly simplifies access to critical project information and documents from anywhere across the globe. The advantages include:

  • Personalised summary views of program data
  • Phased Project Lifecycle Management
  • Real-time program status updates
  • Cross-functional communication and collaboration
  • Bring external stakeholders onto the same collaborative framework
  • Rich tools for analysis & decision making
  • Multi-site program execution framework
  • Browser-based access

Resource Management

1Model Organisation Role Hierarchy:

  • Map organisational Role Hierarchy including external stakeholders
  • Assign Roles to users
  • Build Project Organisation from organisational role templates
  • Setup role privileges

1Resource Planning & Forecasting:

  • Balance loads for different users within projects
  • Identify whether resources have been optimally utilised
  • Check Resource Availability during planning for projects, re-training needs or leave replacements etc
  • Forecast resource needs based on project trends
  • Forecast resource skills based on usage patterns

1User Management:

  • Create users along with their access rights and security privileges
  • Assign users to tasks
  • Use the resource assigner to allocate resources to projects
  • Build cross functional teams and populate them into the project role structure

1Resource Reports & Analysis:

  • Push for projects based on resource availability
  • Analyse resource utilisation patterns across the organisation
  • Measure resource productivity
  • Identify resource skills shortages
  • Leverage global resources
  • View the loads for resources across projects CAMeLEAN / PMS is a role-based solution where resources can play multiple roles within the program. In CAMeLEAN / PMS, a model of the entire program organisation (including suppliers and partners) is maintained according to their role hierarchy, for a more complete picture. CAMeLEAN / PMS allows organisations to find out how their resources are deployed across projects, identify whether they have been optimally utilised and helps in putting together a cross-functional team. It enables organisations to find out whether resources are under or over utilised and helps identify resource and skills shortages.

1The CAMeLEAN / PMS Advantage

CAMeLEAN / PMS allows all stakeholders including contractors, suppliers and partners to be modeled into the role hierarchy for unmatched flexibility in project planning. The advantages delivered include:

  • Map Organisational hierarchy to project execution
  • Predict Resource Requirements
  • Build cross functional teams
  • Analyse resource utilisation and loads across projects
  • Leverage global resources

Team Collaboration & Knowledge Management

1Facilitate Team Work:

  • Manage priority projects
  • Utilise visual indicators to highlight priority projects
  • Identify low priority projects for reducing efforts and possible elimination

1Collaboration & Communication:

  • Extend program collaboration to include external stakeholders
  • Use the notification engine for effective collaborative communication
  • Use the annotation capabilities of the 3D viewer to collaborate on design  documents
  • Share data within and across projects with the Project Dashboard

1Reuse Best Practices:

  • Utilise templates to capture and reuse best practices and project experience
  • Continuously improve program and project processes through best practices knowledge

1Knowledge Infrastructure:

  • Use the document repository for storing and sharing project knowledge
  • Use the search and retrieval engine for querying project knowledge
  • Get in depth project perspectives by analysing the project history

CAMeLEAN / PMS’s true power comes from its collaborative infrastructure that brings all stakeholders onto the same page and keeps them informed on critical project areas. By collating information on an enterprise level, CAMeLEAN / PMS reduces administrative overload and significantly improves the speed of decision making. This is because information flows instantaneously to the right persons at the right time through its early warning system. It allows capture of ‘best practices’ in the form of templates that can provide powerful insights for future projects.

1The CAMeLEAN / PMS Advantage

CAMeLEAN / PMS Reports delivers a powerful organisational perspective to its project related data that empowers its users with a vital toolset to make informed decisions:

  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Multi-locational collaborative infrastructure
  • Sharing information across the extended enterprise
  • Capture & reuse knowledge and experience

Quote Management

  • Receiving RFQ from customer, Accepting and further preparation
  • Create a Quotation by making estimates.
  • Process Quote online in a collaborative manner
  • Assigning the Quote to Resource facilitating Project Planning