CAMeLEAN / HRM (Human Resource Management) is a role based software application that integrates human resources and processes in an organization. HRM revolutionises the workplace by improving HR process efficiency, minimizing communication gap, increasing productivity and improving overall quality. It has been developed on a web-centric and easy to run architecture.  Automation of the routine HR activities using CAMeLEAN / HRM frees up resources for HR professionals to work on the development and continuous improvement of processes; it maintains and monitors all the HR and employee activities of an organization. CAMeLEAN / HRM has built-in standardized support, program management and people management processes which result in faster acceptance and implementation cycles. CAMeLEAN / HRM is a full featured, robust and scalable tool. All of this is reflected in the wide range of intuitive analytics and reports that enable business decision making abilities. The flexibility offered by CAMeLEAN / HRM means that it can also be customised quite easily to suit any non-standard requirement.


CAMeLEAN/HRMS has the following standard features built in.

Organisation Management 

The graphical representation of hierarchy through an organisation chart makes CAMeLEAN / HRM a unique system that links resources with organisation’s business plan for the business year.

Recruitment Management

Defines end-to-end recruitment cycle from job requirement creation to selection process.

Employee Data & Talent Management 

Allows access to employee persona, education, skills, remuneration and historical data.

Attendance & Leave Management 

Tracks login & logoff time of an individual employee as well as leave consumption.

Separation Management

Helps in scheduling & completion of employee exit formalities as well as ensuring contract compliance.

Project Management 

Views and assigns tasks to an employee based on project requirements & skills.

Management Reports 

Helps in creating reports related to employee data, attendance, leaves, assignment and skills of employees.

Timesheets & Reports 

Enables managers or employees to enter, view & approve daily timesheets of particular tasks. Reports can be defined & generated for specific periods.

  • Helps organisation to manage their activities like Recruitment, Employee management (tracking employee history, education, skills, perks, Family details, Education details and accomplishments), Attendance and even Separation from the organisation.
  • Full cycle of Recruitment i.e., from candidate selection, interview status, shortlisting and finally become an employee, can be maintained within the application.
  • Different types of employees like permanent, contract or internship can be easily segregated and managed. Documents related to a candidate/employee can be maintained independently.
  • Employee’s engagement with the company like position held (position title), position assigned, reporting manager and agreements signed, probation period, confirmation date, salary package and review periods.
  • Latest organisation chart with all positions within an organisation can be defined and maintained. Organisation chart for previous years can be maintained as well.
  • Skill status and updates of an employee can be managed through the project activity updates.
  • Time and Attendance module enables an employer to have full control of employee’s working hours, provides insights into their productivity/performance and to control labour costs.
  • Dedicated calendar for each location can be defined.
  • Option to personalise the application response/correspondence to the user.
  • Roles can be assigned from one employee to another irrespective of the hierarchy for the defined period.
  • Separation and its history can be maintained for an employee.
  • Reports can be generated & downloaded (data and their graphs) in the form of PDF or Excel.
  • Option to define user friendly queries to retrieve the data.
  • Save the custom queries as private/public so as to make it available for self/all.