Whether you’re a CMO, CEO, account director or new business development director in an advertising, social, media or PR agency, do you need to leverage the latest technologies to distill actionable insights from disparate data sources to differentiate and add value to improve the customer experience?

With its 4 wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events, Agency Wizardry is our industry solution experience for agencies, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. In one-click, you can easily customize your dashboard to gain a single view across all media channels.

It lets you listen, analyze and act on all content and data across all media channels in real time to drive faster decision making.Easy to customize and without the need for IT support, you can aggregate all digital data onto a single dashboard and create automated alerts that reduce the time you spend monitoring and updating ROI every day.

Experience the power of the 4 wizards in this 2016 CES interactive infographic. We monitored the latest buzz words (Topic wizard), analyzed and compared industry information (Market wizard), measured online conversations (Event wizard), and measured brand mentions (Brand wizard).

Key Capabilities & Benefits :

  • A single view across all media channels to cut through the clutter and drive faster decision making
  • Real time alerts that keep you ahead of the competition
  • Automatic data analytics and ROI reporting to improve your customer experience and business opportunities
  • Improved agency-wide collaboration and reduced information silos
  • Easy installation – no IT intervention – reduces your operational costs