Market Challenges

Since the 2008 crisis the financial services is undergoing change like never before. Regulators are demanding greater transparency and more discipline whilst a digitally savvy customer base with an appetite for personalized and sophisticated solutions is asking for greater simplicity and stronger client engagement.

  • What if you were to embrace that digital transformation?
  • Could you compete more effectively, differentiate, and win back customer trust whilst competitors are side-lined as they
    undergo passive transformation?
  • What if you could have holistic customer insights, improve customer engagement and enrich the customer experience?
  • What if you could increase customer retention and collaborate across the enterprise with contextual customer information?

Organizations are struggling to deal with unprecedented amounts of customer data. While many organizations have visibility into marketing and social conversations, most don’t have the ability to connect those with data from multiple channels for a broader view of the customer voice and how it impacts overall business decisions.

Dassault Systèmes 3D Customer Intelligence solution for insurance managers or asset managers enables you to better detect brand sentiment and swiftly identify trending topics to give you that three dimensional insight to drive smarter customer service and product development decisions. It allows you to capture a complete view of the customer across structured and unstructured channels such as blogs, social messages and surveys helping you to identify and manage customer issues, understand how the customer voice is impacting sales, and ultimately provide you with the intelligence to improve the customer experience. Dassault Systèmes 3D Customer Intelligence solution for insurance managers empowers organizations to effectively address today’s challenges. By aggregating and unifying customer data across internal, external, structured and unstructured data, it provides an intelligent, holistic view, enabling insurers to make smarter decisions, and meet personalized customer demands. It improves seamless collaboration with contextual information sharing across internal silos.

If you are responsible for engaging with customers or providing relevant customer data to improve engagement, discover how you can increase customer retention and strengthen internal collaboration across your organization. Only those institutions that can distill actionable customer insights from disparate sources of enterprise and social data can transform the challenges of the current environment, regain customer trust, increase operational efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. 3D Customer Intelligence gives you that 3D dimensional insight that helps put your customer at the heart of everything you do.