Delivering a complex structure such as a nuclear power plant, an offshore drilling platform, an oil refinery or other capital and resource-intensive project requires a reliable information backbone. A single source of up-to-date project information enables Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, Owners-Operators (OO) and other project stakeholders to share information and collaborate effectively in a globally distributed project environment. This results in optimized planning, execution and capitalized knowhow.

The Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience from Dassault Systèmes facilitates consistency and traceability of all information and improves project ecosystem productivity by minimizing waste with respect to time, costs and resources. Project teams can seamlessly create, collaborate, share and manage information globally using best-in-class templates with predefined phases, gates and milestones. Construction assemblies can be simulated in 3D thanks a digital twin of the future plant, in which workers can also train themselves virtually. Virtual validation and training using the universal language of 3D enables construction tasks to be performed right the first time. Managers can focus on high value-added activities while real-time dynamic dashboards provide project management with scorecards, eliminating tedious tasks and processes.

Discover the Values of Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience:

  • Streamlined transmittals
  • Order to delivery excellence
  • Universal language work instructions
  • Master relationship with suppliers and contractors
  • Optimized first time assembly

Streamlined transmittals

How to master deliverables and their management when so many documents are vaulted in different systems, which prevents the transfer or sharing of information?  How to accelerate milestone validations when an entire capital project is delayed in time-consuming reviews that have to go through complex workflows between several geographically distant stakeholders? How to publish up to date documents and avoid having construction based on inaccurate information that can lead to errors and reworks?

By integrating engineering delivery planning in the global project schedule, the Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience  provides a single version of the truth, traceable workflows and routes with electronic sign-offs, issue and change handling accountability, and on-demand immediate status dashboards. A Capital Project manager from an EPC company or from owner/operator divisions with an EPC role will benefit from Optimized Plant Construction  Industry Solution Experience  by managing engineering deliverable vaulting, and controlling timely delivery and content validation before publishing to downstream processes.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Visibility between key projects actors
  • Single version of the truth
  • Accountability of decisions
  • Traceability across workflow and documents

Project management & execution integrated with Quality Management System

Quality, Cost and Schedule are the famous ‘Triple Constraints’ in project management, but is there any Project Management solution available in the market to address really all those 3 points in a single platform?

Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience delivers project manager has unified view of project status, plan / actual / forecast across Engineering, Procurement and Construction, and constraints across the phases, which helps project manager to deliver his project on time on budget.

Then how to address “Quality”?  Project manager has traceability from project requirements down to deliverables and monitor requirement coverage and secure “products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements”.

Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Enforce standard delivery processes with, input, output and procedures. / Enforce standard review processes.
  • Integrated Quality Audit and CAR (Collective Action Report) process.
  • Recognize each requirement inside documents.  Secure its fulfilment.
  • Trace impact of change across deliverables.
  • Task execution status immediately update project status report.  Real-time project KPI.
  • Manage issues & risks with associated information.  Monitor status of  issues & risks real-time.
  • Integrated lesson & leant for continuous improvement.

Virtual testing of plant safety

The Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience offers a collaborative digital procurement solution that is intimately integrated as well with plant breakdown structure and as with work breakdown structure (work-package split of actual project management). Procurement execution environment is integrated with all related and required information helping procurement people for efficient, precise and timely procurement. It avoids duplication of information by enabling requisition line items to directly link tasks (contractors) or items of bill of equipment or bill of quantities (material & equipment suppliers).

Contractor and suppliers answer on-line to quotations while accessing relevant documents enabling to understand the work to do. Requisitioning status dashboard ease procurement decisions. After selecting the better answer, procurement delivers access to awarded supplier or contractor to its on-line work-package information that he will be able to manage within the global capital project.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Requisitioning status dashboard
  • Guarantee applicable documents in vendors’ hand are valid all the time
  • Negotiating / Correspondence track logged with related information
  • Proposal evaluation report in template – Linked to progress monitoring
  • Integrated with Vendor Document Management

Optimization of construction schedules

When large equipment start to be placed in the plant structure, complexity of concurrent activities and not enough detailed plans make arise construction-delaying problems.  Materials may not be delivered in time, reworks due to design inconsistency are needed, late identification of bad plant erection sequence leads  to dismounting-remounting, workers may not be skilled enough to succeed 1st time their task …  What if both design and construction processes could be optimized concurrently before actual construction, in ways that would anticipate construction issues and best utilize available resources.

EPCs and owners/operators can then estimate costs and construction time accurately prior delivering contractor work orders, as all requirements are included in the planning. Later cost and time of changes for unexpected issues can also be quickly simulated enabling to easily make define alternative adjustments to maintain schedule of the project on track. Such “Design for Construction” approach is offered by Optimized Plant Construction Industry Solution Experience. Early and throughout the design process, plant construction planning, scheduling, and sequencing can be virtually defined and simulated  in 4D (3D and time). It includes equipment and tooling motions as well as human simulations. The solution offers also workers non-textual, easily understandable 3D instructions that are obtained based on 3D information of the equipment, terrain, and plant facility,  delivering virtual animated scenarios to train workers in a 3D life-like manner maximizing comprehension before real-life execution on the field.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Collaborative construction innovation
  • Plan, visualize and execute on time
  • Validate and anticipate construction issues
  • Reduced or eliminated health and safety issues
  • Construction optimization and feedback

Accelerate lean construction

How much cost and delay do you experience on your construction field because work orders are not executable due to lack of necessary material or resources, leaving inactive workers, immobilizing rented resources such as cranes, and shifting overall planning? Then project often enters in a reactive “fire-fighting” loop that often worsen the result.

Just in time delivery helps to eliminate wastes, optimizes field work and workers’ productivity.  Improved agility and expanded continuous improvement tends to compress construction schedule across the enterprise and extended global supply chain . These are benefits to which Optimized Plant Construction industry solution contributes by proposing implementation of lean material flow and concepts of Last Planner® System.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Enables Just In Time delivery and waste reduction
  • Compress the construction schedule
  • Optimize field work & worker’s productivity