Changing requirements and regulations, rising cost pressures and workforce turnover are making it increasingly difficult to operate complex production facilities and to reconcile production and maintenance priorities.

Powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the Efficient Plant Operation Industry Solution Experience helps companies guarantee assets and operations traceability, enhance production flexibility, optimize maintenance planning and execution, and improve safety and competency of their workforce.

Discover the Values of Efficient Plant Operation Industry Solution Experience:

  • Shorten book-to-bill, reduce claims value and auditing issues by strengthening regulatory  and contractual requirements traceability
  • Cut work order latency, decrease spares and inbound material stocks by guaranteeing engineering and operation data consistency
  • Improve asset reliability and raise availability, lower work orders backlog by optimizing O&M cycles thanks to an improved information clarity
  • Reduce accidents, cut number of reworks and decrease training costs by accelerating workforce skills capitalization and improving awareness

Requirements-to-operations linking and monitoring, IP management

Efficient Compliance solves the challenge of managing increasingly changing requirements, whether they are regulations, norms, standards or contracts.

Requirements are broken down into managed objects. These can be linked to the operated infrastructure engineering configuration or to measurements from sensors.

Any change in requirements content, in infrastructure design or in sensors measurement towards a possible non-conformity can then be automatically notified.

Audits and compliance demonstrations are accelerated, claims and issues minimized.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • React faster and more accurately when requirements change by assessing the impact on design or operation
  • Avoid risks by assessing the impact of design or operation changes against requirements
  • Ensure an earlier detection of non-conformities thanks to automated comparison of changes in requirements
  • Reduce contractual claims and quality control issues by accelerating audits and regulatory compliance demonstration
  • Maximize revenue by shortening shutdown time, and speeding up commissioning and ramp-up
  • Improve overall quality and traceability by avoiding information duplication with a single version of the truth

Project management & execution integrated with Quality Management System

Efficient Configuration breaks engineering siloes by allowing multidisciplinary integration.

Engineering modifications and configuration baselines are managed throughout the life of the asset in seamless digital continuity, with any third party tool or organization.

This enables the construction of the asset “Virtual Twin”, a unique tool for production and maintenance operations optimization and benchmarking.

Engineers working in civil, fluidic, electrical or equipment disciplines are  now able to work on the same model as project managers or planning specialists

Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Optimize maintenance by offering exhaustive, precise and up to date asset information
  • Assess configuration versus performance by comparing baselines to data history
  • Increase safety thanks to trusted information enabling emergency preparedness
  • Ease asset navigation in a 3D environment through standard ISO 15926 CAD data import from any tool
  • Ease contractual exchanges with contractors thanks to transmittal management
  • Avoid information silos, gaps and overlaps and maintain information integrity during change management

Equipment and system assessment with multiphysics and (dys)functional simulation

Fitness For Service offers the resources for reliability engineers to assess the evolution of equipment integrity or systems behaviour throughout their lifecycle, even against beyond-design basis events.

By combining finite elements analysis and functional or dysfunctional simulation, multiple scenarios can be efficiently explored.

This guarantees that the safest and most efficient option is chosen when part of the infrastructure must be re-rated, repaired or replaced.

The safety demonstration and financial justification become more robust and are delivered faster.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Increase system reliability and availability
  • Demonstrate critical equipment fitness for service with multiphysics simulation
  • Model and simulate the consequences of undocumented events on key equipment
  • Predict equipment degradation based on operating data history
  • Warrant maintenance safety by ensuring proper system isolation
  • Analyze systems inter-dependencies and simulate failure propagation
  • Monitor probabilistic safety during on-line maintenance

Optimization of construction schedules

Efficient Overhaul tackles the unique challenges of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.

Massively parallel co-activity combined with many one-of-a-kind procedures rarely performed onsite are addressed by integrating multi-dimension simulation and scheduling, addressing space, time, budget, HR or regulatory constraints.

Ergonomics analysis and 3D work instructions authoring further improve personnel safety and efficiency, while cutting the accidents rate and the number of reworks.

This results in a shorter critical path, executed with greater certainty.

Preventative maintenance and worker virtual training in 3D

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Shorten shutdowns, turnarounds and outages thanks to optimized pre-validated sequence and resource planning
  • Maximize production revenue by reacting faster and more accurately when changes or unplanned events occur
  • Boost worker efficiency and safety with ergonomics virtual assessment and 3D work instructions training
  • Improve company standards by capturing unique knowledge in templates to leverage and reuse in future projects