Vega Prime

Vega Prime from Presagis, with its cross-platform scalable environment is the most productive COTS visualization tool for real-time 3D development and deployment of simulation applications. Ideal for high performance and low cost hardware platforms, Vega Prime’s extensible plug-in architecture facilitates the rapid design and prototyping of real time 3D applications by utilizing the most sophisticated technology available, within an easy-to-use toolkit.

Vega Prime delivers the tools and infrastructure needed for the optimal end-to-end solution. Its extendable architecture supports a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the application to fit your design rather than altering your software to fit within a product’s constraints.

Vega Prime provides a development environment designed specifically to increase your ability to rapidly create and deploy advanced real-time 3D applications and the ease of use of a GUI configuration tool, Vega Prime delivers functionalities such as environment effects, motion models, coordinate systems, virtual texture, and path/navigator tools. Vega Prime offers optimized rendering that is fully customizable and scalable to take advantage of available resources.




  • Vega Prime – Approach Extended Shaders Watch