Process Orchestration

SAP NetWeaver PO (or PI) is part of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

SAP NetWeaver PO includes the following capabilities:

  • Repository-based Modeling and Design
  • Service Bus-based Integration
  • SOA Management

A different view is introduced by the end-to-end use case concept. This concept offers an implementation view on SAP NetWeaver to structure and facilitate your implementation.

A use cases is a process that typically involves several SAP NetWeaver capabilities. It is not limited to a single component or capability. A use case guides one through the different phases of implementation project – from information through installation to the configuration phase. This implies that a uses case addresses several user roles: administrator, power user, and end user.

EDST has niche skills on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1, enables the integration of applications of the following communication parties:

B2B Party: Any business partners that want to integrate their application with other applications outside their own system landscape. Scenarios that require industry standards are supported as well as any scenarios that do not adhere to a particular industry standard.

SAP: Applications that run on SAP systems. This includes the processing of events by using the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) infrastructure.

3rd-Party Application: Applications from 3rd-party providers within one system landscape, for example, database or file-system-based.

3rd-Party Middleware: Middleware systems from 3rd-party providers those are required for the integration of applications within a company and across company boundaries.

EDST has expertize to integrate SAP & Third party applications like SFDC as follows,

SAP Process Orchestration – With SFDC Adapter

  • The third party SFDC Adapter supports BULK, SOAP and Streaming API for fast and real-time data retrieval and upload.
  • The Adapter manages Salesforce session-ID for authentication purposes.
  • Supports Read/Create/Update/Delete operations to Salesforce objects.
  • Multiple parameters provided in queries for precise data selection.



SAP Process Orchestration – With SOAP

Though there are advanced features in SFDC adapter, depending on the complexity of business requirements ranging from simple to medium level complexity, integration of non-SAP system with SAP can be achieved using SAP PO-SOAP components that supports most of the regular business requirements.

Process Flow between SAP to SFDC



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