edst digital signature

Digital Signature

Digital signature certificate is a secure encrypted key issued by a licensed Certifying Authority to optimize the business process by streamlining data integrity, optimal efficiency and digital continuity.

EDST Digital signature solution is a SAP Business Accelerator for the seamless integration of digital signature into SAP platform.

EDS Technologies in partnership with eMudhra Limited has developed Digital Signature solution to optimize the document authorization and management. With digital signature integration, digital documents are easily signed and sent through auto-email to relevant stakeholders.

EDST digital signature solution enables the digital document authorization process with one-click signing option. Users can view the document in the signature gateway, check the document and decide to sign document or save for later. Each signature is validated and verifies the identity of the person holding the digital signature certificate.

Ease of digital signatures bring in 40% improvement in operational efficiency with no lag in authorizing digital documents between departments and individuals. This step towards digital transformation reduces up to 70% document creation with 80% saved paper cost.

Implementation Requirements:

  • ECC 6.0 EHP 6 and above
  • S/4 HANA 1709 and above
  • Implemented core modules
  • Output Forms (Scripts, Smart forms or Adobe Forms)
  • Additional hardware such as HSM box/USB dongle with PFX file
  • Valid Certificate from the Certifying Authority

Benefits of Digital Signature for SAP:

  • All signatures are encrypted and centrally stored
  • Signature is time-stamped when a document is signed and becomes invalid if changed
  • Accepted and enforceable in any industry
  • Ease of One-click signing of digital documents with bulk and multiple signing options
  • Provides clear visibility of document processing with OSCP real-time status and tracking within the SAP platform
  • Improved digital workflow that saves time and cost with better efficiency
  • High Security of digital data with Independent verification of signatures
  • Document Management System capabilities

Features of Digital Signature for SAP:

  • Data Security: The data security of digital information is crucial for confidential documents transferred between individuals and departments. Digital Signature enables secure digital data with an encrypted key used to check the authenticity of the document.
  • Global acceptance and Legal compliance: More countries are starting to accept digital signatures on legally binding documents as it improves the efficiency and security of authorizing digital documents.
  • Custom signatures: The digital signatures are customizable with up to two single and three multiple digital signatures.
  • Easy Integration into SAP: The EDST Digital Signature integration into the SAP platform is easy to use after the digital signature initial setup. This digital signature integration involves storing the encrypted digital signature in a USB or an HSM Box for using it as and when required.