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Product Development

EDST has product development experience for more than a decade, developing some of the finest and winning products in Robotics, Simulation, Digital Manufacturing, HRDMS (Human Resource Data Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution and enterprise Program Management.

Customers outsourcing software product development benefit from EDST’s strengths in product management, software architecture, design and development process in building winning products. The product development team of EDST has a product centric mind-set and operates in a product development environment to bring out robust and scalable products.

EDST has experience in entire product development life-cycle from concept to solution. We develop Products to meet the needs of different domains – HR/CRM/Project Management. The optimal development process and the use of tools for configuration and release management, project management best practices, collaborative team management, product testing and industrialization ensure successful high quality product development. The customer benefits include:

  • Shorter development timeframe and reduced time to market.
  • Robust and scalable products.
  • Wide spectrum of product development services from concept to solution and support.
  • High quality reusable design artifacts and code.
  • Team with strong domain and technology skills.