Expand the Value of Simulation Workflows with SIMULIA Extended Packaging

Reveal the full potential of realistic simulation and use the “Power of the Portfolio” technologies to move from simulate to innovate.

SIMULIA applications empowers simulation specialists with multiple and advanced capabilities to approach a simulation scenario. It has never been easier as it is now to use from a flexible token pool to access the capabilities through ABAQUS Extended Tokens.

The SIMULIA software portfolio can be configured on the needs and the usage patterns within an organization. With one purchase, Extended Packaging provides a flexible token pool to access the following capabilities:

  • Finite element analysis: ABAQUS
  • Non- parametric optimisation: TOSCA
  • Durability and fatigue analysis: fe-safe
  • Design-of-Experiments, Process Integration: Isight


  • Access to the additional complementary technologies is readily available (fe-safe, Isight, TOSCA).
  • With The Extended Tokens scheme, user can increase product performance, reduce prototyping along with process automation, non-parametric optimization and finally close the product development cycle by performing a life study of the product.

Power of the Portfolio Benefits

Easy and Complementary Technology Access

  • One licensing scheme
  • Coordinated releases
  • Interoperable technologies

Flexibility, Scalability, Openness

  • Use technology which serves your development phase best
  • Use one token pool for all technologies
  • Simply add more tokens for higher usage
  • High HPC usage scalability
  • Integrate 3rd party software in your processes

Collaboration & Automation

  • Automate and share your workflows
  • Easily integrate and combine multiple technologies

Manageability & IT Benefits

  • One licensing system, aligned installation of new releases
  • No additional costs trying new technologies and capabilities

Watch this webinar to uncover and unleash SIMULIA’s portfolio of advanced simulation products, world’s leading technology suite of FEA and how Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight, and Tosca can be leveraged together in a combined workflow.