Cloud-ready design-centric simulation platform

This Simulation portfolio provides engineers & designers with powerful, yet easy-to-use simulation tools (including guided workflows and active assistants) to free innovation, accelerate brainstorming and reduce manufacturing cost.

In addition, the underlying 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the simulation data management foundation with a common user interface for all users, ranging from the occasionally users to simulation experts. So simulation is now fully integrated into design, engineering, testing and manufacturing as well as decision-oriented governance, bringing the virtual and real world together to empower innovation and business. On Cloud or on premise.

Discover the benefits

Improve product performance and quality

Fully integrated simulation into design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes

Guided workflows, enabling access to powerful simulation technology without requiring expert knowledge

Large number of simulation iterations enabled at various scales (part, assembly, product, system)

Intelligent dashboarding to ease collaboration across the extended enterprise

Reduce uncertainty and cost on product development

Simulation methods captured, managed, reused and shared throughout the enterprise

Design-related decision making made easy

Right sizing of product since inception to cheaply match physical constraints

Foster agile Product Development

Exploration of design alternatives at no extra cost

Reduction of iteration time between design and simulation engineers

Scalable simulation capabilities (advanced featues, additional users, …) on demand

Design-centric simulation technologies
Powerful multi-physics and multi-scale, yet easy-to-use simulation technologies for designers
User friendly interface
Full associativity between design and simulation for both occasional users and simulation experts
On premise and on cloud
Available both on premise and on cloud for modeling, assembly solutions and vizualisation
Data management
Foundation for simulation data management

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