Digital continuity to engineer, produce and service fast anywhere

Whatever their work model (design and build centrally vs anywhere), mid-sized companies are faced with distributed yet still disconnected communities (Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing.). Digital Equipment Continuity runs across all company entities while providing a unique solution to speed up development and strategic initiatives anytime, anywhere while ensuring data consistency throughout the entire development process.

Discover the benefits

Accelerate Time to Market

Design to Manufacturing cycle time reduction

Data consistency throughout the development process

Reduction of non-value added activities while reconnecting all enterprise stakeholders

Improve Collaboration

Break siloes between disciplines for seamless governance

Integrated Project Management for meaningful program insights

Simulation-driven Design for better trade-off decisions

Improve Product Quality

Social listening and ideation

One single repository for all project information

Issues detection in production engineering using 3D immersive virtuality

Key Features

Configuration and Change Management
Featuring Requirement Management for Engineering and Product Process Resource for Manufacturing
Data Consistency across Programs
Enterprise-wide processes and data (beyond CAD and PDM) integration from social listening and ideation down to production
Multi-discipline engineering
Including Simulation for Engineers and agile Mold & Tooling upon Engineering change
Immersive 3D review and simulation
From Design reviews with scattered teams to virtual validation of the manufacturing process feasibility

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