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Meeting high-production rates demand requires greater agility and increased performance since project day-one. Driven and controlled execution, operational efficiency, and digital continuity across disciplines offers a lean, efficient way to deliver on target and enhance productivity. The Engineered to Fly Industry Solution Experience helps small and medium-sized companies integrate their engineering data and processes from the proposal phase downstream through engineering, manufacturing, and all the way to program delivery. As OEM and other prime contractors keep shifting to strategic outsoucing, suppliers with core competencies in built to print and build to specification can leverage this digital foundation to move up in the value chain.

Discover the benefits

Increase bid-win ratio

Ensure repeatability and reusability thanks to end-to-end knowledge

capture throughout the proposal process.

Enable reuse of cost-data, templates and company intellectual property (IP) from existing projects.

Keep projects on-specification, on-budget and on-schedule

Maintain full customer requirements and decision traceability

Foster lean practices, such as reducing handoffs across teams, reusing standard rules and templates

Simplify change management with automatic tracking of the full documentation and history of part modifications

Increase production rates without compromising quality

Design integration across multiple engineering disciplines (composite, sheet metal, mold, electrical & fluidic, …)

Manufacturing compliance checking

Complete integration into a system architecture.

Collaborative platform
Single platform to help increase collaboration across teams since the time-constrained bidding process.
Project Management
Dashboarding for real-time status of RFPs and projects
Regulatory traceability
Full traceability for certification authorities and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers.
Comprehensive set of applications
Complete and consistent set of applications for the design, simulation, manufacture, and quality control of machined products.

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