InSite provides clean, auditable production information from both the mine and the plant. This information is used to provide confidence in the quality and quantity of mined stocks. All activities are traceable and allow mining staff to accurately understand what has occurred in the mine over any time period. All planned activities can be stored and compared against the actual production data, allowing for prompt reconciliation. Variances can be analysed and reconciliation allows for discrepancies to be managed. Continuous process improvement is possible with visibility into where variances of all size (positive and negative) occur.

InSite Benefits

  • Accurate comparison of planned and actual production data.
  • Monitor progress of any activity, including mining, transportation and processing.
  • Visual representation of your operation to monitor all activities and rapidly respond to changes.
  • Manage production down to the shift level and assign resources.
  • Confidence in the mass and grade of your stockpiles.
  • Monitor equipment performance to control costs and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Visibility of all operational key performance indicators and control of outliers across the operation.



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