Xeeva is driving the development and delivery of the next generation of intelligent cloud procurement and financial solutions for indirect spends and MRO. Xeeva’s technology is used across 40 countries in 18 different languages. The company’s technology suite includes Sourcing, Procure to Pay, Supplier Collaboration, Financial Collaboration and Extended Enterprise solutions.

Procure to Pay

Xeeva provides procure to pay that embeds best practices and intelligence into our product while keeping that complexity transparent to the end-user. Xeeva P2P is pure cloud, and through use of our proprietary configurable SaaS technology, you can be up and running in days or weeks, not months – with the ability to scale up, down, left or right to meet the needs of your business.Xeeva is useful for enterprises running across different geographies to avoid complexity and currency deviations issues. With Xeeva P2P as the transactional backbone for all global indirect and MRO purchasing activity, we provide you with highly granular and real-time visibility into the fragmented spend coursing through the enterprise, increasing the managed spend per purchasing professional.

The procure to pay software empowers employees with intuitive procure to pay (P2P) while taking control of their costs, improving compliance, reducing risk and driving better bottom-line results.

Value Proposition:

Xeeva P2P includes robust, state-of-the-art, reporting capabilities that allow you to tightly monitor budgets and each step of the procure-to-pay process in real time. Xeeva P2P helps to reduce costs, realize bottom line savings, stop savings leakage and improve customer service. Xeeva’s P2P can unlock and clearly put on display to all employees the value your procurement organization offers – providing the visibility they need, the speed they require and the ease of use that they will adopt. With Xeeva’s P2P organisations can reduce maverick spend, curtail the long tail of suppliers, create leverage for the procurement team, improve business process and reduce spot buys.

Budget, Controls & Compliance

It is useful to enable bottom line savings for sourcing & procurement professionals. Companies can set budgets to a Cost Centre or Projects and all monthly, quarterly & annual budgets can be uploaded via direct feeds and manually. All spending’s are adjusted against the budget and consumptions are updated.


Another key feature is that is helps to minimize SKU duplication. Xeeva also offers a Marketplace which gives users more extensive list of suppliers and eases the users experience to buy the products listed in the catalog and for products not listed in the catalog – the ease of operations helps to control spot buying of the same and converts approved requisitions into PO’s. Requestors can see their history of purchases to simplify reorders, they can also see their current spends and pending spends against budgets and have complete visibility into the status of their requests via their personal dashboard.

Spot Buy

It’s not unusual for 20 – 40% of indirect purchases to occur as spot buys, almost 20 – 40% of spend is taking place outside of the corporate catalog, often with unapproved vendors and usually without any negotiated prices. Better control of spot buying starts with a better catalog and finally, spot buying is enhanced as items – previously not addressed through existing contracts – are then routed for immediate sourcing to buyers who can then add those items, in a controlled manner to the organization’s catalog.

Operational & Management Reporting

Many organizations lack the ability to quickly run detailed reports at a level of granularity that benefits the procurement team and budget owners with a need to land budgets on a dime. Most canned reports also do not address the needs of functional or business owners, business unit or plant managers who continue to spend and identify new requirements without real-time knowledge of budget consumption. Transactional reports provide inquiry capability into different types of transactions for example requisitions, approvals, POs, receipts and invoices in various stages of their respective lifecycle. Xeeva’s P2P also provides the ability to review each of the above relative to benchmark values in order to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Periodically we provide value release reports that offer actionable recommendations on cost reduction opportunities.

Connectivity to ERP Instances

Xeeva P2P is nimble enough to quickly integrate with almost any ERP system or legacy system required; allowing your procurement organization to comprehensively control spends across the existing or newly acquired business.


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