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UI Development

With the Internet turning out to be the most influential medium, companies across the world are vying to grab the attention of their customers through this medium. At EDST we were among the earliest to recognize the impact of the Internet in marketing a company or product to the discerning visitor.

We have considerable experience in developing interactive websites that are both creative and persuasive. From Corporate and Product websites to Portals, e-Commerce websites and Intranets, we can be your one-stop-source for building a strong online presence.

Our web development team consists of Creative consultants, Content developers, Coding experts, Flash animators, Quality Engineers and Online marketing experts.

EDST has also devised an outsourcing model that works to the advantages of our customers – be it in terms of pricing, timeliness or domain expertise!

So, be it hosting, developing the site, promoting it online or maintaining the site, EDST can be the right solution provider you’re looking for.