Right from purchasing procedures, order processing, deliveries, invoices, production or maintenance procedures many business processes are described by business forms and business document. In addition specifications or calculations, descriptions of demands or procedures, design drawings, all documents belonging to the business process have to be managed. For businesses run on SAP, SAP DMS is most suitable tool for document management. EDST with its rich experience in SAP DMS implementation is the perfect partner to provide solution for managing all business documents


Configuration of SAP DMS components


Installation & Configuration of SAP Easy DMS


Installation & Configuration of SAP TREX


Installation & Configuration of SAP Web based DMS


Custom Enhancement & Developments

SAP DMS is an integral solution of SAP ERP and is available for all SAP users. This solution is a comprehensive, integrated solution which provides release and change processes. It is fully integrated in PLM and SCM, includes a web UI, a file explorer like UI and comes with cFolders integration. SAP DMS is a proven solution for ALL industries which includes Discrete, Process industries and Service providers. The Openness of SAP DMS makes it a unique solution. SAP DMS can be integrated with various CAD interfaces and it connects to external DMS systems, Microsoft interfaces and optical archives, scanning and plotting devices.


Document Management Web User Interface

Documents can be accessed with web UI introduced on SAP PLM 7 (SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 4) either through a web browser, SAP Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) or through SAP Netweaver Portal.

The new web UI provides an additional option to use the existing SAP DMS solution. The companies that already uses SAP DMS can easily make use of it. The new Web based solution comes with hot links to create, change and display documents.


SAP Easy DMS Solution

SAP Easy Document Management focuses more on occasional users with only very general Microsoft know-how. SAP Easy Document Management is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and gives end users the same look and feel as file explorer. Some of the features of SAP Easy Document Management are:

  • Offline access of documents and structure
  • Export of documents and structure
  • Easy to use authorization concept
  • Direct link to other SAP ERP business objects
  • Send document via mail or as URL
  • Create documents directly from Microsoft Applications