10th August 2017

EDST hosts “Achieve Engineering Excellence” and “Model & Simulate our Planet” seminars in Nagpur on 10th August 2017

The series of our Industry Connect seminars was hosted in Nagpur on 10th August 2017. This seminar had two tracks - one for the manufacturing industry segment titled Achieve Engineering Excellence and another for the natural resources segment titled “Model & Simulate our Planet with GEOVIA”.

Achieve Engineering Excellence seminar showcased the latest updates on software applications namely CATIA (for product design), SIMULIA (for engineering simulation) and DELMIA (for digital manufacturing) and how companies could leverage this to achieve engineering excellence. It was a good platform for interaction and sharing of thoughts and ideas among the users, department heads from various companies, associations and technical experts from EDS Technologies. This track also had a brief session on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systemes and how this new platform can be easily adapted for any role for multiple users in various automotive and manufacturing industries to bring out overall engineering excellence.

Model & Simulate our Planet track focused on Mine planning (Surpac & Mines) and Mine Scheduling (MineSched) applications and how these can be implemented for better efficiency and profitability of mines. There were participations from Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) and Geological Survey of India (GSI) officials in the seminar who have shared their insights on future of mining industry and how these solutions can be adopted during the post seminar discussions.

About EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

EDS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (EDST), established in 1995, is the largest PLM and Real-Time Visual Simulation solutions provider in India. EDST partnering with global leaders including Dassault Systemes, SAP, Presagis and VT-MAK provides CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ PLM/ ERP and 3D Visual simulation solutions, Training and on-site resources bringing in the most complete solution for any size and type of industry.

EDST's differentiation is its domain expertise, consultative approach and hands-on understanding of customer requirements required to drive successful implementations with world class training and technical support. With nearly two decades of experience, EDST has the largest customer base in the Indian market with more than 1500 customers from aerospace, automotive & supply chains, industrial machinery, high-tech and electronics, railways, infrastructure, consumer packaged goods, engineering service providers, defense, research and education sectors.

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