Oil and gas exploration has become much more difficult today compared to the past when natural outcrops of oil residues on the shore’s surface or iridescence on the surface of the sea indicated a subsurface reservoir.

Even when advanced seismic studies suspect a reservoir, it is still a challenge to develop it in an optimized manner. While the challenge is to set the wells right the first time at a subsurface location with sustainable flow, all activities underground as well as above ground need to be efficient without compromising safety and the ecology.

The Intelligent Subsurface solution provides prediction, simulation and collaboration capabilities that enable all stakeholders to understand and communicate the scope of each field project resulting in optimal field development for safe and maximum production over the long-term.

Discover the values of Intelligent Subsurface Industry Solution Experience:

  • Accelerate multidisciplinary design convergence
  • Reduce iteration costs and overall field development time
  • Ensure compliance with Quality Standards and Regulations to dramatically improve Safety.
  • Master project complexity and improve first time interdisciplinary design success.
  • Protect intellectual property, avoid schedule slippages, and reduce development costs and increase overall quality.