In a highly competitive landscape where buyers seek the most cost-effective solutions, shipyards are under great pressure to reduce their cost and accelerate time to market while building ever more complex ships or platforms and improving performance. To maintain a competitive advantage, shipyard executives expect their organizations to improve their existing business practices and to integrate new technology to promote efficient program management and foster collaboration.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the On Time To Sea Industry Solution Experience provides an integrated environment that incorporates industry-specific semantics to plan and manage complex marine and offshore projects with an interactive 360° approach.

With On Time To Sea, shipyards can engage in collaborative planning, monitor project status and performance across their extended ecosystem including suppliers and ensure secured traceability of requirements throughout the project. Streamlining the flow of information for efficient project management helps meet their number one priority: ensure timely and on-budget delivery.

On Time To Sea Industry Solution Experience Values :

  • Improve time to market
  • Deliver on budget
  • Accurate Earned Value assessment
  • Enhance ecosystem efficiency with IP protection
  • Improve product quality through requirement traceability

Manage and Track Compliance to Requirements and Regulations

Ships and offshore structures are sophisticated products. It is fundamental for any shipyard to satisfy a complex set of requirements to meet the owners’ demand while adhering to ever more stringent safety and environmental regulations.

On Time To Sea provides marine and offshore companies with a unified collaborative platform to capture the voice of the customer and ensure that the final product is built to specification. Customer needs are translated into formal requirements that are then analyzed, and managed in association with project planning and task assignment throughout the entire project lifecycle. These requirements and regulatory compliance information are available to the entire ecosystem with secure access control.

With On Time To Sea, requirement change requests are properly integrated into a project’s planning to ensure it remains on schedule and within budget. There is full traceability between requirements and all associated scheduled tasks and engineering information, which enables stakeholders to assess the impact of potential changes and to manage these modifications effectively once they are validated.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Capture, analyze, and manage requirements and regulations throughout the project lifecycle with full traceability
  • Track compliance to requirements and regulations to deliver high quality products that accurately reflect the voice of the customer and adhere to certification rules
  • Assess, manage, and track impacts of changes to requirements
  • Tightly integrate requirement management into project planning to reduce risks

Plan, Manage and Monitor Project Activities

Shipyards are under constant pressure to be on or ahead of schedule. With programs totaling in the millions and sometimes billions of dollars and contracts shifting to a fixed cost approach it is critical to keep track and contain costs until the ship or platform is delivered. It requires strict process and resource planning across an extensive network of stakeholders and an integrated view of performance combining cost and schedule to help ensure timely and on-budget delivery.

On Time To Sea provides a role-based integrated program management environment to coordinate the entire ecosystem and effectively plan, manage, and monitor project activities internally and across the supply chain. On Time To Sea provides accurate and real-time visibility to the project status and promotes accessibility to up-to-date project information with real-time dashboards, business metrics, and analytics throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Based on Earned Value Management ANSI 748 standard, On Time To Sea enables program managers to have a comprehensive view of project performance and add schedule control to better predict and monitor project timing, estimate project costs, as well as maintain budget history and budget change. This Earned Value assessment helps them manage project resources, and budgets more effectively, thereby improving time to market and on-budget delivery.

On Time To Sea contributes to smooth project execution by efficiently managing engineering changes and analyzing their impact on schedules, identifying potential issues, mitigating risks, making informed decisions and taking corrective action in a timely manner to avoid project overruns.

For Marine & Offshore companies who build in “engineer to order” and highly customized products, On Time To Sea provides a strong advanced process to formally manage contracts, contract line items, proposals, and deliverables.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Plan, schedule and manage project activities with global partners and suppliers efficiently
  • Effectively manage project execution and track progress
  • Efficiently plan and manage physical and human resources
  • Make informed decisions based on analytics
  • Evaluate project performance using Earned Value Management standards
  • Manage contracts and contract deliverables
  • Manage risks and issues

Manage Your Supplier Network

Providing between 50 to 80% of a product value, suppliers are essential for the successful completion of any marine or offshore project. Shipyards must be able to coordinate and manage an extensive network of globally distributed suppliers in a streamlined and productive way. They need solutions to help them manage the cost, quality, and delivery schedule. Shipyards need to tightly manage the sourcing process, and to coordinate and monitor the activities of suppliers.

On Time To Sea delivers a single collaborative environment to effectively plan and manage the sourcing process, including bidding, evaluation, and negotiation, throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure that suppliers deliver on time, on budget, with the expected quality. On Time To Sea enables shipyards to efficiently share information with suppliers, wherever they are located, through real-time access to up-to-date product information with appropriate security and export controls to protect their intellectual property.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Qualify suppliers and manage list of approved and preferred suppliers in accordance with corporate sourcing standards
  • Manage supplier performance through score cards
  • Centralize and standardize collaborative sourcing on a single platform for improved quality and reduced operational cost
  • Manage complete RFx process lifecycle
  • Securely share up-to-date product information with suppliers
  • Manage IP and export control
  • Monitor supplier delivery status anytime, anywhere to remain in control of final delivery schedule

Share design information across project teams

Marine and Offshore projects involve multiple design and engineering disciplines. Their ability to integrate and share heterogeneous information to conduct design reviews is critical to avoid necessary reworks and project delays. Non-engineering teams and downstream processes also need to access design information.

With On Time To Sea, engineers and designers can integrate their legacy and xCAD design information in a unified project environment based on industry standard formats. As a result, the different discipline-specific design teams can effectively collaborate with one another and perform proper cross-discipline review and integration, thereby improving the quality of the overall design. Design information is also available to non-design related project members allowing them to be more effective in their jobs.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Integrate design data from multipe authoring sources
  • View and perform multi-discipline interactive 3D design reviews
  • Create and manage a unified Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Access to design information for all non-engineering personnel and downstream processes
  • Promote reuse of parts and designs