Ready to Make is a Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experience based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform that delivers comprehensive planning, Manufacturing Operations Management, and continuous improvement solutions to industrial equipment companies that need to address their complex global manufacturing challenges. They have advanced tools to digitally plan and schedule their manufacturing operations including what to produce, when to produce it and where along with the ability to optimize even the most complex logistics operations. They drive actual production with applications that synchronize material needs across plants for reduced inventory-related costs, increased machine effectiveness and higher overall throughput. And they have dedicated features to learn and easily share acquired knowledge and best production practices between plants for continuous improvement on a global scale.

Discover the values of Single Source for Speed solution:

  • Assign large equipment production between globally located plants
  • Digitally simulate local production tasks before physical manufacture
  • Efficiently manage “order of one” manufacturing
  • Reported inventory reductions of more than 25%
  • Reported equipment effectiveness of more than 22% and production throughput gains of more than 25%
  • Generate digital work instructions and processes for paperless manufacturing
  • Drive continuous improvement and best pratice deployment on a global scale

Local Effectiveness

Once global operations are defined, each plant needs to detail the different manufacturing operations at the local level including what sub-elements to produce and what instructions to provide to operators for actual execution.

With Local Effectiveness manufacturers can virtually plan the way different machine components will be processed and define their resource requirements. Manufacturing processes and operations are defined complete with detailed work instructions. They have 3D simulation features to verify that production will go as planned, before installing their physical assembly lines and tooling, thereby reducing non-quality costs and production delays.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Reduction of non-quality costs and production delays.
  • Digital 3D simulations help ensure first time right manufacturing.
  • Improved operator efficiency with detailed digital work instruction.

Synchronized Electrical Design

Industrial Equipment companies face a variety of production scenarios during actual production, from series to tailored “order of one” products manufactured to customer specification. They need flexibility to go from one to the other and real-time visibility and control into plants and supplier operations to analyze and improve performance on a global and local scale. With visibility comes intelligence and traceability of tasks and resource utilization.

Any Product, Any Plant addresses Manufacturing Operations Management and provides Industrial Equipment companies with a unified approach to managing and synchronizing their global manufacturing operations. From high-volume series component manufacturing to low volume “order of one” production, Any Product Any Plant is based on a flexible infrastructure that quickly adapts to changing production situations and schedules while improving equipment utilization. Operations are tracked and synchronized as are material requirements across sites, reducing machine idle time for increased effectiveness and reduced inventory costs.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Increase production throughput by 25%
  • Improved overall equipment effetiveness of 22% in a core machining area
  • Reduce inventory by more than 25%
  • Order of one and series production flexibility
  • Digital work instructions and processes for true paperless manufacturing
  • Material synchronization for increased machine effectiveness

Learn Anywhere Improve Everyehere

Key to a sustainable business is the ability to continuously improve and stay abreast of changing market and corporate requirements. As their operations are globally situated,Industrial Equipment companies must collect their worldwide data for analysis and efficiency assessments. Only by operating as a single, streamlined entity and feeding manufacturing information into a unique platform will companies have a true and accurate view of their global manufacturing operations and an opportunity to compare production practices to evaluate those that work best.

Learn Anywhere Improve Everywhere provides clear visibility into a single information source of their global manufacturing operations based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Built-in manufacturing analytics and reporting features provide an easy-to-understand view and accurate analysis of operational performance on a global scale. Once analyzed, companies can use Learn Anywhere Improve Everywhere’s knowledgeware and social networking features to capitalize knowledge in reusable templates, exchange information through communities, and create production rules for future reference. Corporate best practices and methods can be distributed across global production sites helping to ensure a uniform level of product quality and a pool of trained operators at every site.

Customer claims include an over 50% reduction of tire die trials at a global tire manufacturer thanks to new manufacturing rules and a 90% reduction in customer quality claims along with a 25% increase in production throughput at an equipment manufacturer after having implemented a common global manufacturing platform.

Key capabilities and benefits:

  • Increase visibility into global manufacturing operations
  • Better communication and information sharing between users at the different sites
  • Continuous improvement of global manufacturing operations
  • Traceability and capitalization of corporate best practices
  • Single source of information provides accurate, up to date visibility
  • Leverage local improvements to every plant