For sales and marketing organizations of High Tech companies, increasing global demand and channel complexities raise the bar for driving perfect product launches that meet sales, time, cost and awareness targets.

Tech Journey industry solution experience from Dassault Systèmes provides breakthrough capability in creating high-impact, multi-channel storytelling with 3D digital visuals. Starting before the product exists, Sales & Marketing teams can now create differentiated, engaging launch and shopping experiences on time and on budget.

Key Benefits:

  • Advance the creation of marketing visuals by efficiently leveraging design and engineering models
  • Increase sales channels productivity by leveraging realistic digital assets without physical prototypes
  • Increase marketing impact with multi-channel storytelling powered by high-quality 3D visual assets
  • Boost customer engagement with dynamic, interactive visuals and experiences for online, POS and events

Accelerate the production of your visual assets

Shrinking life-cycles and mass customization globally requires marketers of High Tech innovators to be very responsive on product changes or updates. At the same time, delivering a consistent brand experience through all channels & markets is a must.

Tech Journey for Digital Marketing helps streamline the visuals creation process across the enterprise. Marketing can securely access realistic 3D models online, and efficiently transform those to high quality, high impact dynamic visual assets that can be easily re-purposed for all different use cases.

Key Benefits:

  • Speed up and orchestrate the company-wide creation of visuals through process automation and standardization
  • Increase the Go-To-Market impact by advancing product launch programs, even before a product or prototypes exist
  • Accelerate the production of impactful storytelling thanks to 3D dynamic visuals without the need for in-house 3D visualization expertise
  • Ensure that great product design intent is preserved through all marketing communication channels

Boost your POS effectiveness

The commercial success of High Tech innovation depends on Marketing and Sales mastering global product and channel complexities and being able to provide personalized, amazing and engaging shopping experiences on all touch-points.

Tech Journey Point of Sale empowers sales and marketing to efficiently create integrated online and onsite consumer experiences with stunning realism. They dramatically increase interaction, engagement and shopping personalization.

Key Benefits : 

  • Increase customer engagement with stunning online experiences leveraging realistic, dynamic, interactive 3D visuals
  • Enlarge your shop floor, showcasing your complete offer with high impact digital product promotion and configuration
  • Boost your Go-To-Market impact providing realistic customer interaction even before products are manufactured
  • Boost your channel enablement with compelling, meaningful training

Give a new dimension to your storytelling!

For High Tech innovators, short product lifecycles and diversity of global demand in combination with budget constraints can be limiting  factors in creating compelling advertising and promotional content for their products.

Tech Journey for Advertising delivers the capability to create visually stunning and personalized 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) beyond physical boundaries and imagination. Images and videos that generate attention and engagement on a personal buying experience.

Key Benefits :

  • Advance and strengthen go-to-market campaigns and product launches, starting even before the product is built
  • Facilitate consistent storytelling across multiple channels thanks to the flexible reuse and adaptation of product content covering the full product range, complexity and customization options
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for physical prototypes on location

Create fascinating, viral reveal and launch events

Global online, any-time mass-communication makes it ever more difficult for High Tech innovators to be heard through the clutter and get attention and awareness. Even more so, when the connected experiences their products enable are being sophisticated and personalized.

Tech Journey for Events utilizes the latest display technologies like projection mapping and Augmented Reality (AR), head mounted displays, and the latest trends such as gamification or new interactive concepts, to deliver exceptional experiences to visitors at product launches, industry events or roadshows.

Key Benefits : 

  • Unleash creativity to deliver unprecedented product and brand experiences that make a difference in customer perception
  • Increase the impact and reach of your launch and promotional events, reaching mind and emotions of your target audience

Optimize global sourcing through effective component selection

In building global sourcing ecosystems to address pressure on operating margins and support “Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere” strategies, High Tech innovators frequently encounter increased supply chain complexity, higher compliance risks, and a costly proliferation of components and suppliers.

The Component Supplier Management solution places global High Tech innovators back in the driver’s seat. It enables component selection strategies that maximize agility while minimizing component supply costs and complexity. It supports global standards and processes to ensure selection strategies are executed consistently, component re-use is maximized, and the right time/quality/price balance is adopted to achieve optimal economies of scale.

BOM synchronization from As-Designed to As-Built/Serviced

Globally dispersed High Tech / Electronic organizations need access to Bill of Materials and other information related to product development activities to facilitates real-time collaboration among all engineering disciplines.

The Cross-Functional Bill of Materials (BOM) Management solution enables High Tech organizations to handle Bill of Material management across the product lifecycle – from as-Designed to as-Manufactured, as-Planned, and all the way to as-Built and Serviced stages.