Expanding product portfolio, rapid technological changes, continual pressure to improve lead time, quality and yield, and shrinking margins all present unique challenges to today’s High Tech manufacturers.  In their  manufacturing operations, they need to constantly optimize global performance across all their supply, warehouse and production operations, and reduce production costs while consistently delivering high-quality results.

Make to Promise industry solution experience helps Consumer Electronics and High Tech Equipment OEMs, as well as Technology suppliers, achieve manufacturing excellence by enabling greater visibility, synchronization and control across enterprise-wide production, quality, warehousing and maintenance activities.  Whether production is primarily in-house or outsourced, the Make-to-Promise solution helps High Tech manufacturers thrive in today’s demanding global markets.

Discover the values of Make-To-Promise Industry Solution Experience

  • Improve quality by natively enforcing consistent, best-practice processes across all facilities, while more rapidly detecting, tracing and containing non-conformances if they do arise.
  • Achieve next level of mass customization with global visibility and real-time intelligence on operations within and across plants, distribution centers and warehouses, including subcontractor and supplier operations.
  • Reduce costs and delays by synchronizing material flow between suppliers, warehouses and plants.
  • Cut time-to-market with analytics that can detect and address potential production bottlenecks before they happen.
  • Equip yourself to take advantage of evolving Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technology