Great design, look and feel are fundamental for the success of Hi-Tech consumer electronics.  To win consumers´ minds and hearts in global, fast-pace markets, consumer electronics companies have to steadily transform irresistible concepts into top quality products all while meeting stringent time and cost targets.

HT body Industry Solution Experience delivers high performance applications and services available both on premise and on the cloud. All stakeholders engaged in the design, engineering and manufacturing of device enclosures, chassis and frames can excel and effectively collaborate in real time to steadily deliver products their customers love.

Discover the values of HT body Industry Solution Experience:

  • Increase innovation potential by exploring substantially more design alternatives
  • Minimize development time with up to 40% gains in design-engineering iterations
  • Better control (of ) modification cost at any project stage
  • Facilitate collaboration with your supply chain while preserving Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Intensify IP sharing and re-use, to continuously deliver successful products

Create amazing designs in line and beyond your customer expectations

This solution experience uniquely combines world-class applications for the conceptual design of product enclosures with a social collaboration platform. Now, Designers can innovate in context of real-time customer feedback using a secure, on-line environment, accessible from anywhere, anytime. During the stages of ideation and conceptual design, customers, design experts or other stakeholders can be effectively involved to provide input and feedback using dynamic, interactive 3D representations and social collaboration. This is how for the first time, it becomes possible to take a 100% virtual model through the initial product stages completely in line or even beyond with market and design expert expectations, while paving the ground for downstream disciplines to provide engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Key Highlights & Benefits

  • Increase the innovation perimeter by involving diverse, stakeholders
  • Boost your design innovation with advanced sketching and virtual clay modeling inspiring each other
  • Intensify cross-disciplinary collaboration between design studios and engineering teams

Empower designers and engineers to turn design intent into engineering excellence

Our market leading, integrated applications for 3D design and engineering help automate and accelerate the collaboration between these two disciplines. Thanks to virtual, 3D-enabled collaboration and sophisticated capabilities facilitating the optimal re-use of past work, novel design can now be engineered faster and with excellence. Engineers can be more productive with easy-to-use methods like “safe element placement”, while concurrent change management helps substantially accelerate the creation process overall. They also benefit from methods facilitating Design-for-manufacturing, minimizing expensive cost of change in downstream stages of product innovation.

Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Address the complexity challenges of creating smart, engaging devices
  • Reduce engineering time and effort by facilitating re-use of know-how
  • Lower effort and cost of design and engineering changes

Build a lean, integrated process from part design to tooling engineering and manufacturing

This solution experience enables manufacturing engineers to collaborate with design and development engineering in real time, which lowers manufacturing ramp-up time and cost. It supports tooling standardization, automates design change propagation and brings agility and efficiency to the decision-making in manufacturing engineering . The solution can effectively capture critical IP for effectively re-use and skills development, while it delivers the flexibility and customization to support all facets of conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.

Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Deliver better enclosure part molds and tooling, faster and with less change cost
  • Capture and reuse past mold and tooling design and know-how to shorten production delivery time
  • Improve part and tooling engineering team collaboration performance
  • Lower mold and tooling design change costs
  • Reduce part to mold & tooling design transfer errors

Reduce NC programming time by automating the machining process

When they program and optimize machining processes, this solution helps machine tool operators realize efficiency gains thanks to advanced tool path programming and virtual simulation. Working concurrently with engineering, NC programmers can substantially reduce programming lead times. By identifying and resolving tool paths errors much earlier than before, they can achieve “best in class” surface machining quality and collision free tool paths. Precocious techniques allow cutting complex molds while optimizing tool life.

Key Hightlights & Benefits

  • Save time by fostering concurrent engineering between design and manufacturing
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility to rapidly address design and engineering changes
  • Realize efficiency gains by substantially increasing re-use rate of manufacturing know-how
  • Effectively support high product variability and modularity
  • Maximize machine tool use by improvements in up-front workload planning