Facade Design for Fabrication is an end-to-end solution for architects, engineers, contractors, and fabricators.

Facade Design for Fabrication provides a robust solution to develop conceptual models of buildings and extend the facade through design, fabrication, and even into construction.

  • Plan buildings using dynamic tools that validate requirements as you work
  • Develop design further including shape, pattern, structure, and detail
  • Extend design model data to automate shop drawings and bills of materials (BOMs)

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Better Buildings to Delight Customers: Save time, reduce process dead-ends, validate requirements in real time, and exceed customer expectations
  • Industrialized Construction: Reduce waste by extending conceptual model data into fabrication with collaboration and scalability on the cloud
  • Single 3D Version of The Truth: “Same page” authoring tools provide a 3D Master version for the entire project team
  • The Power of 3DEXPERIENCE: Business experience platform creates collaborative, interactive environment connecting people

Quickly Conceptualize and Plan Your Building and Spaces

For architects and planners, the Integrated Planning process experience helps you quickly start your building design. Unlike other software, Integrated Planning is a purpose-built 3D conceptual design tool. Explore site selection, program requirements, and potential construction and operating costs while working in a realistic 3D environment.

You can create conceptual building designs that will meet client needs for years to come, while you preserve your existing process workflows. Integrated Planning enables architects, contractors, and building owners to make informed decisions during initial planning while exploring more possibilities.

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Single Source of Truth: Only solution to provide seamless connection between conceptual modeling, data, and analytics
  • Efficient Planning: Start with requirements directly into 3D space planning for validation
  • Better Collaboration and Feedback: Quickly create and collaborate around concepts with project team and stakeholders
  • Win Business: Reduce time to explore possibilities and present solutions

Conceptualize and Design of Building Façades on the Cloud

Facade Detail Design process experience enables you to extend conceptual and design data through to fabrication. After developing models, you can break them down into assemblies that convey design intent. You continue to incorporate constructability feedback into your detail design models. Meanwhile you’ll define features in an intelligent environment and automate highly complex façades to easily respond to emerging issues, design changes, and on-site realities. Then detail each object into a fabrication-ready model.

Key capabilities & benefits

  • Extend models into fabrication to reduce waste and rework in the traditional processes
  • Create template-driven shop drawings and models automatically from a single source of truth
  • Collaborate across concept, design, engineering, fabrication, and construction teams