Automation and emotion key to competitiveness

Aerospace & Defense executives recognize the need to provide outstanding service to customers. In their quest to becomecustomer driven, many companies have resorted to inventing new ideas and procedures to meet customer expectations. One option is to embrace open innovation, co-creation or mass-customization to fulfill consumer needs and deliver personalized services / products.  But many companies remain blocked by the challenges of managing the trade-off between customer demands and the increased costs of meeting those needs.

How can commercial and business jet original equipment manufacturers (OEM), completion centers, suppliers and airlines win the hearts of their consumers and do so profitably?

The Dassault Systèmes industry solution Passenger Experience allows you to…

  • Profitably deliver custom or personalized cabin interiors by automating engineering, manufacturing and certification processes while providing realistic visual assets for use by engineering, sales, marketing and training.
  • Differentiate in a highly competitive market by personalizing the customer buying process using high-end visualization to increase customer alignment and intimacy throughout the cabin completion process.
  • Win the hearts of consumers by providing a personalized marketing experience. Use existing visuals assets from engineering to produce attractive, dynamic content and campaigns targeting specific companies and individuals.

From cabin and product configuration through to virtual cabin validation, better manage customer expectations to accelerate sales and reduce the number of engineering changes.

Increase training efficiency and minimize time out of the field of cabin crews and aircraft on the ground by using three different forms of training and visualization content including web-based courseware, interactive game-based training and fully immersive 3D visualization.

Discover the values of the passenger experience industry solution:

  • Enhance sales by personalizing the buying experience with high-end 3D visualization throughout the sales cycle
  • Strengthen brand recognition and upsell through personalized marketing with striking and targeted visual marketing content
  • Increase competitiveness with automated cabin personalization processes

Enjoy flexible cabin configuration

Accelerate sales process and the design process with high-end 3D visualization using Configure Passenger Environment, part of the Passenger Experience industry solution.

Realistic 3D visualization solution allows designers, engineers, cabin crew, as well as potential passengers to define cabin layoutsand configure variants, well before the first physical prototype becomes available. Configure Passenger Environment enables a detailed exploration of the cabin, including the evaluation of cabin features from any angle, under any lighting condition and in alternate environments to assess and validate shape, function, reflection, materials, color, trim, and comfort.

Customer attention can be visually guided and focused on important unique selling points, while controlling the number of configurations by presenting them as packages. Materials can be defined and matched in real-time and in highest visual quality, resulting in instant customer feedback. Decision makers can be involved from anywhere and given remote access. As there is no physical prototype and the visualization content does not include construction data, intellectual property is protected. Once the exploration is complete, the resulting 3D configuration(s) can deliver further value as highly accurate visuals for cabin development, sales and marketing.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Accelerate business acquisition and the design process with a more efficient workflow thanks to a rapid visualization process.
  • Enhance design feedback based on high-quality assets, incorporating changes on demand.
  • Enable a smoother selection and cabin personalization experience with predefined variant packages.
  • Reduce the number of costly physical prototypes by validating designs virtually.
  • Reuse resulting designs and configurations in downstream product development, sales and marketing processes.

Experience efficient virtual cabin validation

Increase customer alignment and reduce the risk of change with Confirm Passenger Comfort, part of the Passenger Experienceindustry solution. By combining industry standard ergonomic analyses with photorealistic rendering in immersive 3D environments, design teams and customers can experience a completed cabin long before it is built.

A full-scale immersive setup, enriched with physical elements, delivers a lifelike and flexible cabin experience for designers, decision-makers and passengers. Using tracking devices, scenes can be controlled with an easy-to-use, immersive user interface; users can visualize designs from any angle for improved decision-making. Validate passenger visibility, viewpoints, view shadows, personal space and peripherals.

Reach informed decisions regarding head and legroom, as well as stowage reachability. The resulting visualizations allow ergonomics experts not only to process technical analyses, but also to share them efficiently with other departments.

Additionally, this innovative solution enables the in-context visualization of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), permitting convenient validation of their positioning, usability, layout and design, while allowing users to stream any HMI content into virtual scenes and products. HMI design including communication, information and entertainment functionalities can be efficiently studied in a spatial context and in different lighting conditions.

Key highlights and benefits:

  • Obtain user feedback early and throughout the design process
  • Combine digital and physical objects in 1:1 scale for greater realism
  • Accurate analysis of viewing ergonomics for safety reasons
  • Complete validation of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) design
  • Available on a wide range of hardware ranging from mobile devices to head-mounted displays, Powerwalls, and CAVEs

Streamline crew training and cabin familiarization

Boost cabin crew and staff competencies faster and more cost-effectively with Prepare for Passenger Boarding, part of thePassenger Experience industry solution. Aircraft cabins require extensive education and user training. Such programs usually consist of paper-based coursework and instruction on a physical mockup or even the actual aircraft itself, thus disrupting its commercial use. This can prove to be a highly expensive and logistically complex process.

Market leading airlines are turning to virtual technologies where learning takes advantage of three different platforms:

  • web-based courseware,
  • interactive game-based training, and
  • immersive 3D visualization.

Companies can select from different channels and modules or implement the complete training system, giving them full control over skill level and scenarios. This solution allows students to learn at their own pace, in a safe environment, and adopt a learning style that best suits them.

Additionally, eliminating the need for a physical product in all except the last stages of training dramatically reduces the overall cost of training. Students enter this final stage with a solid foundation of product and process knowledge acquired in previous training modules. With this approach, learning is faster and training capacity can be increased. At the same time, the number of physical training modules or situational environments can be reduced.

Key highlights and benefits:

  • Accelerate the training process with a solution that is hazard-free, quick to deploy and easily updated for different product configurations
  • Perform training regardless of trainer availability, material complexity and other variable factors
  • Boost staff competence and performance by covering more scenarios on a learning-by-doing basis versus traditional training
  • Increase profitability by avoiding system downtime

Promote outstanding in-flight experience

Create extraordinary marketing materials for all passenger touch points, from online booking to advertising, airport services and in-flight experience, with Plan for Passenger Journey, part of the Passenger Experience solution. Cabin promotion is an area of exponential growth across the aerospace industry, as how we fly is fast becoming a lifestyle choice.

With 3D data, global marketing teams are now only a mouse click away from stunning images and videos of cabin interiors and exteriors. Since the 3D data is efficiently repurposed from as early as the aircraft development stages, such high-end visual assets can also be created long before the cabin is built. This makes Plan for Passenger Journey perfect not only for promoting an existing fleet, but also for show-stopping, high profile launches of new cabin designs.

Digital technology eliminates the need for real photo shoots and costly film sets. Even better: using digital image content can be quickly adapted for a wide range of marketing purposes and the ever-increasing number of digital channels and devices, includingpersonalized brochures and advertisements.

In increasingly fragmented global markets, this helps make asset localization a breeze and drives down costs. Use interactive marketing content to feed groundbreaking applications, such as 3D airline booking systems and airline class and frequent flyer and travel benefits (e.g. Lounge). Such compelling, memorable, personalized experiences will keep your customers engaged, leading to tangible and measurable sales success.

Key highlights and benefits:

  • Accelerate go-to-market campaigns and early digital product launches even before product is built
  • Enjoy a streamlined, cost-efficient, full-service approach – from creative support, film and image production planning, casting, location scouting, production, as well as post production & asset delivery
  • Full scope of productions available: management or design presentations, viral movies, technical and training movies, product launch videos, TV or cinema commercials and stereoscopic movies
  • Easily adapt to home, online, mobile, and public space channels, covering countless variations and customizations for markets worldwide