SAP 3D Visualization

SAP 3D Visualization is a central element of providing faster and easier access to abstract product information. Visual information can be interpreted easily within fraction of seconds. Having the visual information available over the complete product development process and into production or service-related processes coming from one central source is a key for fast and error-free decision making.

Providing 3D Content to the Enterprise



Share 3D CAD models throughout value chain irrespective of the native CAD application


3D Process

Simplify complex processes with 3D-animated step-by-step procedures.


3D Content

Provide visual information to better illustrate and represent actual products or environments.


3D Visual Search and Navigation

Quickly retrieve information and compress process cycle times with visual browsing through 3D content.


3D Visual Information Analysis

Associate visual information with business information to enable analysis with visual context.

  • Thumbnail Support within DMS: In both Easy DMS and SAP PLM DMS (SAPGUI based), thumbnails can be displayed. The thumbnail is saved as an additional file inside the DIR. The 2D thumbnail could originate from CAD Integrations or the SAP Conversion Server.
  • Thumbnail support within other objects: From SAP PLM 7.0, thumbnail viewing of objects like Bill of Material/Material Master is an additional feature.
  • Single Part Viewing within DMS: Inside DMS (SAPGUI based), single file visualization based on the Engineering Client Viewer (ECL Viewer) can be started.
  • Single Part Viewing within other objects: Single part viewing for Material Master or Bill of Material is well established from SAP PLM 7.0 with the help of Product Visualization.

Produced assembly can be displayed as part of the Product Designer, Engineering Workbench or the Production order. The availability of neutral files and transformation matrix information is a pre-requisite. This information is usually provided by SAP Conversion Server and SAP CAD Integration. This visualization is based on the Engineering Client Viewer (ECL).

Embedded Assembly Viewing in Product Structure Management: From PLM 7.01 it is possible to display the visual assembly also for configurable products, based on the Product Visualization.


Better Decisions and Efficiency with 3D

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications are being leveraged across many functional areas within various industries to help simplify complexity and improve processes. Integrated 3D visual content and associated business data can provide stakeholders with a more complete view of information. This combination of data enables better collaboration throughout the business, improves learning & decision making and optimizes processes. With 3D Visualization organizations can:

  • Turn ideas into viable products faster
  • Reduce complexity
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Reduce assembly cycle time and costs
  • Increase product revenue
  • Decrease design change frequency
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Improve mean time between repair intervals