GEOVIA Hub provides secure remote collaboration that organises, centralises and enables the reliable sharing of exploration, planning, and production data reliably over low-bandwidth connections. Hub reduces travel to site and helps address staff shortages by allowing mining professionals to work together no matter where they are in the world.

Easy to learn and quick to install, Hub delivers immediate benefits, including data security, version control, and the ability to synchronise large files rapidly. Requiring minimal IT support despite sophisticated technology, Hub ensures scalability for the enterprise and a single version of the truth for effective collaboration between users.

HUB Benefits :

  • Data centralisation results in more effective information sharing and collaboration between mining professionals, regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • Data management optimised specifically for exploration, planning, and production data facilitates transfers of large datasets such as resource models, even over intermittent, low bandwidth communication infrastructures.
  • Effective data centralisation and organisation ensures a single version of the truth and data integrity through versioning, security and rights management.
  • Data management is file format independent, giving users control over their critical project information no matter what application was used to generate it.
  • System setup and management requires minimal IT knowledge and involvement, significantly reducing training and support requirements for a rapid return on investment.



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